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Gabby’s personality has started to surface recently. Gone are the days of her sleeping all day, and starting at me blankly in the brief moments when she was awake. Now, she’s awake most of the day, full of smiles, kicks, squeels and jibber jabber.
She has the most beautiful smile. Last night I was trying to capture that smile on film. Of course, once I brought the camera out, she stopped giggling and became very interested in the camera. She was starting at it, studying intently, when all of a sudden… SHE WENT CROSS EYED. Luckily, as you can see above, I was able to capture the moment. I think it’s one of my favorite pictures of her. Hilarious.
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE THAT SWEET GIRL??!

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  1. Alison

    To get her to ignore the camera, shoot pictures of her CONSTANTLY, even when you don’t want to. It’s digital, right? Just delete the ones you don’t want, it’s not like you have to pay for processing. Soon, she’ll start to ignore the camera, and then you can get the shots you really want, of her being completely natural.
    Also, I’ve noticed that you use flash a lot. It may take a bit of practice, but try turning the flash off and using whatever light is in the room – the tones and colors will be richer. With digital cameras, you can have a lot less light than with film and still get away with it. You’ll have to be sure to hold the camera as steady as possible because the shutter is open longer, but it’s worth it. If the image is still dark, turn on another lamp in the room, or move your light source if possible.
    If there just flat out isn’t enough light at all (but there is some light, try using the Nighttime mode (usually indicated by a moon, or a moon with stars). This way, the flash fires, but the shutter stays open longer, so you get her lit with the flash, but the warmer tones & colors still come through.
    Play around – like I said, that’s the nice thing about digital, if you don’t like it, you can delete it, and it doesn’t cost you a penny.
    Sorry for the unsolicited photography advice! Once I get started, I just can’t stop. And if you know about what I wrote already, please feel free to ignore 🙂

  2. cee

    hee hee! Awww, you’re in for some awesome days ahead…. and here I was going to say you’ll have lots of fun to fill your snowy days with… but it doesn’t snow out there!
    what a sweeetie!!!

  3. Heather

    First off, Yvonne she is precious! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. Every day I nudge my co-worker with another, “you gotta see this,” and we all oooh and awww because she is so darling.
    As for “anon” hey buddy, grow a pair. What, you can hurl such nasty comments at a defensless innocent but you’re too scared to stand by venom and sign your name? What kind of utter braindead cretin vents his insecurity complex on a BABY?!?! Dickhead.

  4. sara

    hehe! She’s precious! 🙂 The pictures of her make me coo, giggle, and basically understand how people are able to speak-in-tongues (baby talk) when confronted with a cute little critter. 🙂

  5. Jessica

    How. Seriously. Cute. I just can’t hardly stand how squeezable her sweet little cheeks look! And all that hair. My babies just have fuzzy heads, so I just LOVE babies with lots of hair. What a darling!

  6. girl

    Yvonne, do you expect anything less of Nunya? I mean, really. he takes every single chance he can get to make a lame insult about the President. he doesn’t care who he offends either. anonymous shitbags like him are all the same.

  7. dana michelle

    Absolutely hysterical!!!!!
    That’s the picture you need to keep handy to show all of her boyfriends when she grows up 😉

  8. Ana

    Awwwwwwww… LOL
    She’s so adorable!
    Hillarious about the perfect timing.
    You got a awesome picture of her. LOL
    Now you got something to blackmail her with when she wants to do something bad! LOL

  9. nunya

    hey girl, first off CUNT, I didn’t post as “anon” – i am more than happy to share my ip. I just don’t puit my email in because I DO NOT WANT SPAM.
    Secondly, I didn’t take any stabs at the baby – I merely said she was doing a G.W. Bush facial expression. So get over yourself already.

  10. yvonne

    uh, nunya, i wasn’t talking about YOU. I was talking about the girl who said “She’s going to be obese and stupid, just like her mother.”
    I didn’t post YOUR IP, I posted hers.
    You might want to read it again and then see if you’d still call me a cunt.

  11. yvonne

    oh OH AND, you NEVER leave a real email address, so what are you talking about? Even if you did, I wouldn’t post it, I’ve never done that and I never will.

  12. nunya

    I didn’t call you a cunt yvonee. I called girl a cunt. I am sick and tired of her popping up her little ass everytime I post and making comments about me. I have no beefs with you yvonne. Never have. I just don’t post my email address because it isn’t anyones business but mine.
    And girl, the NEXT time your dumb assed prick of a boyfriend scans my IP, I *WILL* report it. Capice?

  13. nunya

    actually, I have emailed you in the past yvonne. a long time ago.
    and i apologize for using harsh words, even to girl. but i am still serious that I am getting sick and tired of seeing their IP pop up on my firewall logs – if you want in that bad, I will give you a damn account on one of my systems – you want unix shell account, a windows 2003 terminal services account, or just some space on one of my drives? Seriosuly, what are you guys looking for? I will tell you what ports I have open if you are that interested.

  14. nunya

    and fianlly yvonee – your baby is adorable. I have another on the way and it is a girl, so trust me, attacking a baby is not even a thought in my head.

  15. Michelle

    Yvonne- that baby girl is absolutely precious!! And she is darling in pink- such a sweetiepie!
    I just have to say that I’m sorry that you can’t even post a picture, bragging about your beautiful daughter without anonymous fucktards slithering out of the woodwork to spew their nastiness. That’s pretty fucking pathetic on their part but don’t you let it get to you. That baby girl is gorgeous and those fuckers are either jealous or major losers with nothing better to do than troll blogs looking to attack someone. Either way, they’re not worth the effort it takes to think about them…

  16. Jessie

    How cute! It is one of those photos that you will be happy you have when she is 5.. or 10.. or 16!! LOL! Makes me want to give her a sqeeze!! Love on her for me for awhile.

  17. girl

    Nunya – what the hell are you talking about, man? I don’t even KNOW your IP b/c our MT is screwed up and doesn’t send us e-mails (with the IPs) when people comment anymore. AND we don’t have a stats program on our blog. so there’s no way we could get your IP. the only person that could possibly be doing that is our host but I have no idea why he’d do it either. so quit being so fucking paranoid. we don’t care enough about you to “scan your IP.” whatever the fuck that means anyway.
    p.s. call me a cunt again. I kinda like it.

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