How do YOU define true love?
Me? I define it like this…

Someone: “I’ve got a huge zit on my ass!”
Someone’s significant Other: “Want me to pop it for you?”
That, people, is true love in it’s rawest, most beautiful form.
(Names left out to protect the sickos innocent)

20 thoughts on “Pop

  1. Michelle

    That and being able to stand in the bathroom and talk to one’s spouse while they are on the pot going poop. All signs of true love.. *nod*

  2. LT

    Dude! Mr. T. not only pops my back zits (yeah, I know) but he doesn’t even flinch when I suggest it. He happily obliges and he even goes to get me something to clean ’em out when he’s done.

  3. y

    there’s also this.
    When you throwup, pee yourself and fart all at the same time? They don’t laugh, instead, they help you clean yourself up.

  4. bobbi

    OMG! You are too funny! I missed you sooooo much.
    Yes, that in my book is defined as True Love! I,do not have that! Bummer for me, I guess?

  5. melody

    I’m so glad you emailed me to tell me where you moved!
    And of course it’s a ass zit popping post! I love it. You’re freakin’ hilarious.

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