I’m sick.
Sick of mean people.
But you know what I’m not sick of?
My daughters farts.
Sure, they stink REALLY BAD, but do you have any idea how much fun it is to watch this sweet, beautiful little girl rip ’em like she just don’t care?
It’s even funnier when we rip ’em together. In unison.
I love that I have a little partner in crime in the gas department.
What I do NOT love is when she rips them in public, stinking up the general area where I am standing with her stroller and people think it was ME. I’ve thought about pointing at her and saying “DON’T BLAME ME, IT WAS HER!” But seriously? How horrible would I look trying to pin the stank on my almost 3 month old infant daughter? So I just smile and let the public believe I have no manners and had some bad mexican the night before.
That’s what a good mother does.

14 thoughts on “pffffffffft

  1. ben

    Do you ever rip ’em together, in public? That would be cool.
    (get the boys to join in, you could have a marching band)

  2. Sara

    see, that’s how it should be….natural fart ripping like Gabby. I wish we all (including me) weren’t so snobby about that kind of stuff.

  3. Stacey

    Seriously, Cae farts and it’s so loud I usually think it’s my Dad. hehe.
    Babies rule. And I hate mean people too, screw em right up the arse I say.

  4. dana michelle

    My (now 25 year old) nephew proceeded to rip ’em AND fill his diaper while I held him to be baptized. I recall the minister just kind of chuckling about it. Talk about embarrassing…
    Mean people suck the life out of everything 🙁

  5. ginger

    My neice (who is almost two) has what I now call “the turd alert.”
    She will wet her diaper, fart, or poo and say “I stiiiiiiiink!”
    She will say “I poot” or “I burp”

  6. Michelle

    OK, I don’t even remember exactly how I found you, Y, but you may just be my new favorite blog. Thank you for the hysterical afternoon laughter on an otherwise slow day.

  7. Joe

    This happened to me once upon a long time ago. Nobody would believe that a baby could fart that loud and I had to suffer the embarrassment. Too funny!

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