Really stupid things that piss me off, part1

I know I’m probably the only one in the world who gets pissed about this… BUT, I HATE IT when my neighbors dumb friends park their thrashed cars in front of MY HOUSE when there is room in front of their house. I mean, WHY? If there was no where else to park? Fine.
But there was TONS AND TONS of space for them to park in front of the HOUSE THEY ARE VISITING, and I have proof.

(click to enlarge so you can read commentary)
And that, my friends, pisses me off.
I have no idea. It just does.

18 thoughts on “Really stupid things that piss me off, part1

  1. djmofo

    1) wipe dog shit on the car door handle
    2) put dog shit in the back of the truck
    3) if windows are open, put dog shit in truck
    4) pee on door handle
    5) put note on windshield “hey fuckweed, the house you want to visit is across the street, park there.”

  2. beth

    lol i agree with dj on the last one! that works:) theyll never know it came from you!
    oh by the way heres my new journal if ya wanna see let me know:)

  3. raven

    Girl I so hear you and feel your pain. My next door neighbors are a bunch of rude savages. Their shabby friends park in from of my house for their nights of partying and 5-minute drug deals. Unfortunately it is public property, and there is nothing that you can do, unless the vehicle looks like its been there a few days, all broken down.
    It sucks I know.

  4. dana michelle

    Thanks for the reply and the link to your new digs. I am officially all caught up on your posts.
    No more “withdrawal”. Life is good!! 🙂
    P.S. You are looking AMAZING. Keep up that WW, girl, it’s working!

  5. dana michelle

    Almost forgot to add this…I get pissed as HELL when people park in front of my cement walkway that goes out to the street, especially in the winter. HellOOOO! What the hell do you nimrods think that’s there for? Oh no, I don’t mind it at ALL that I shoveled out the walkway so I can get out to the street and now you parked your freakin car right in front of it so I have to walk through a snow drift. GAAAAAAAA!

  6. Melly

    Wow – your mailbox is right on the curb! Over here they’re usually on the fence line, or at least on the house side of the footpath, coz the footpath and nature strip belong to the council, even if you own the land.

  7. etherian

    I hate it when people park in front of my house, but I just grit my teeth and try not to think about it. However, what’s really bad is when they decide to park in our driveway because they don’t see a car there and think we are not home.

  8. ben

    I just love your photos with the circles and arrows.
    Speaking of which, how are the bunnies? Can we put some bunnies in the truck?

  9. Canadian Lauren

    Yvonne, I am glad I’m not the only one who gets pissed about this. Ohh and Dana Michelle, same thing happens with my cement walkway, we shovel it out, assholes park blocking it off, so we have no way but to walk through waist deep snow with 3 small kids.
    I like the bunnies in the tuck idea though.

  10. kim

    maybe he/she doesn’t know how to park in a “small parking space” sideways. that’s why he/she had to pull up behind your car. maybe.. ??? ;o))

  11. Shelley

    Hey there…surfed right in through Blog Explosion…nice to see ya again!
    That would piss me off too…if my neighbors weren’t even worse. They don’t park in front of our house…that would be too nice. Their friends…or whoever…consistently park right ACROSS our driveway. *grumbles*
    Evil mo fos!

  12. angela

    i shit you not, i woke up this morning and my neighbor has parked in front of our yard this morning…creepy!
    i hate it too…considering they don’t trim their trees or the bushes that grow in their yard (and now my yard). people suck.

  13. kristal

    We live next door to a school and every (EVERY) schoolday from 7:30 – 8:15 and 2:15 -3:00 our driveway is blocked by a never ending line of parents who insist on parking and walking across the street instead of driving through the designated pick up line. It is impossible to leave or come home during those times. Once in a while, someone will park and stay there the entire day while they volunteer at the school.
    BTW: I LOVE the visual aid!

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