Is it just me?

Have you ever laughed so hard while with your friends, you lost control of your ‘Tocks and without warning, you let one rip. And it’s so loud, that the entire group hears it and stops laughing for one second to verify who it was, but they pretty much figure out it’s you right away, so they start laughing AT you, which makes you laugh so hard AGAIN that you lose control of the “other” exit and you pee a little?
Ok, then, have you ever been standing outside the front of your church building, right after church was over and while everyone is out front drinking punch and coffee, a really cute boy who you have a crush on yells from across the street “Hey, you! Want a ding dong?” And you lose control because you’re addicted to food with cream in the middle so you take off to run across the street, IN YOUR DRESS AND PUMPS and you slip in the middle of the street, causing your dress to fly up in the air while landing on your back and everyone sees you and they start laughing, while you frantically try to cover your crotch?
Have you ever been in Vegas for a wedding and got all dressed up in a cute blue and white polka dotted dress with a hat and high heels and thought you looked REALLY HOT and just before the wedding starts, you have to go pee, so you run to the bathroom, do your business, wash your hands and start trottin’ your hot stuff out into the lobby and you think everyone is staring at you because you LOOK SO HOT, only to have some lady yell out “Your dress is TUCKED INTO YOUR PANTYHOSE, MISS” and suddenly you realise people were staring at you because YOUR ASS WAS EXPOSED?
Damn, I had at LEAST 5 more, but Gabby is up and she’s calling for The Tit.

11 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. Kristina

    Hahahhahahaha. I’m guessing all those have happened to you, but only the last one has happened to me. That is a very funny moment, I think if you take it in stride then you have very little to get embarrassed about. Hey it happens. At least when you farted you didn’t have a turtle head come out, that would be even worse!

  2. anne

    Have you ever read a blog entry whilst drinking coffee and then *snorted* coffee out through your nose because it was THAT FUNNY?! Yep. That’s exactly what I just did.

  3. ben

    I need to work on my Tittie Call. I think it’s not very good. I can never seem to get it when I want it.
    Oh, and yes, you’re too damn funny. *snort*

  4. justme

    Ok, the first one happened to me. I was with a group of friends and we were actually talking about gas lol.(Can you imagine what kind of friends I have!) And my BF comments on how I never do. And I let one rip I am laughing so hard, oh the humiliation. I even peed a little I was laughing so hard. OK that was a little TMI. (Hanging head in shame)

  5. Zora

    Oh yeah.
    Did the skirt tucked into my pantyhose thing in my high school cafeteria.I walked ALL over the place until I felt a “breeze”. At the time, I wanted to die from embarrassment, but in retrospect, it was pretty funny.
    And remember those “wraparound” skirts? Yep, had a little trouble with one of those once. Thank God I put on clean, pretty undies like my Mom told me.

  6. Sarcastic Journalist

    No, but I did go to the mall with food poisoning (must shop!) and I puked in the parking lot in front of this guy who I kinda had a thing with and it ended badly and his new girlfriend and they yelled “EWWW! GROSS!”

  7. girl

    mac, farts will never EVER be less funny. I can still make my mother cry (from laughing so hard) by just telling her a fart STORY. she’s easily amused.

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