I want you to look at the picture below. After you’re done laughing at his totally hilarious artistic interpretation of mice, tell me what YOU think when you look at “Country mouse”


26 thoughts on “Dude

  1. Trace

    Man that’s some funny stuff. My husband and I were laughing so hard we were wheezing! Crap kids are funny.

  2. Margie

    Y, I’m a teacher i think it should be hanging in the Louvre…. country people are just more free…. in Art he should definitely get an A+ 🙂

  3. y

    I love you guys because you’re FUNNY.
    Just wait til I update. I just wanted to see if y’all thought what I thought…

  4. sara

    Oh jeez. hehe 🙂 I’m glad his teacher gave him a star instead of being uptight about inapropriate drawings. hehe That’s hillarious. Country mouse with boobies. Hmm.. I wonder what a “Country Club” would be?

  5. myllissa

    Country mouse needs to buy a better fitting shirt. Maybe even borrow one from City Mouse. His seems to fit.
    What’s with the hair on the City Mouse?!

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