My boys are on a plane on their way to Texas.
I miss them so much already, and everytime I think of what Ethan said to me when he hugged me goodbye, I cry a little.
“Mom, I’ll try not to cry, but it’s going to be so hard to let you go.” (Did I not tell you? the boy is s-e-n-s-i-t-i-v-e)
Andrew, on the other hand, couldn’t get up that escalator fast enough. He’s so excited that he gets to visit with his uncle for four days!
God, I miss them already.
I’ll be spending the next few hours obsessively tracking their flights AND wondering who’s PUBIC HAIR was in my EGGS and how in the hell it got there.
And yes, I threw up a little.

10 thoughts on “pube

  1. angela

    speaking of pubes, the Jay Mohr in your banner that is on the left. the shadow on his shirt looks like a dick. seriously, i know it’s the microphone, but it looks like dick to me…
    at the very least a dildo.
    is that on purpose? did i miss that post?

  2. leo disaster @ goop

    haha. that was exactly what i was thinking the 2nd time i saw the jay mohr pic. couldn’t stop laughing to myself. was that an intended sexual connotation hm..? 😛
    hope your boys have a blast! i wasn’t even allowed to my family friends house to stay over til i was 12… and i don’t travel alone til now! my parents worry 🙁 (but of course i have, without their knowledge *evil laugh*).
    your boys future women are lucky! sensitive yet macho men… *drooL* my men are either sensitive or macho with the sensitivity of a needle. never both.

  3. SPB

    Missing the boys will be tough, but try to use the time to pamper yourself. Moms never do enough of that! This coming from a mom who couldn’t sleep until her son was safely in for the night. Said that he was going to be home at one time… didn’t happen. I think Moms have an extra worry gene.

  4. AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch

    You know what would be cool? I would love to baby-sit your boys for just even one hour. I bet I could have a few laughs and learn a few things to boot! You know what else is cool? Ethan is so going to take care of you when you’re old.

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