This is all MIKEY’S fault.

Oh my God. How do I even begin to explain this? I’ll try. Ok…
Have you ever had a fart in the form of a bubble that travels all the way up your crack, not actually “popping” until it reached the top of your pants?
You’ve not LIVED til that happens! I only wish someone had been here to share the moment with me.

29 thoughts on “This is all MIKEY’S fault.

  1. justme

    LOL, Maybe it has to do with having a big butt,I am ashamed to admit that I know what you are taking about! One of those special things only us plus size beauties can enjoy lol!

  2. Amy S

    ohmygod..and when they get caught for a while and you forget..then…pop! You’re like hehehehe
    I think just me is of those special things.

  3. mikey

    “farts with coating”. hahahahahaha
    all this talk of fart bubbles has me picturing someone shitting in a bottle of Mr. Bubble and then shaking it up a bit.
    you know what i hate? when you KNOW you have to fart, so you go to the bathroom, and you shit, but somehow, the shit squeezed its way past the fart… so you’re all done, but you still have to fart. and you don’t want to squeeze it out, because you feel like your entire digestive tract might get squeezed out, too.
    wait, i don’t hate that. because it’s never happened to me. no, siree.

  4. mikey

    waaaaaitasecond. i just saw the title of this post. how the hell is your coated fart bubble my fault?
    and sara? i think you’re onto something there. “coated fart bubble” should become some kind of popular insult soon.

  5. Steph

    Dude… I taught my mom and boyfriend the joys of cheek spreading. They’ve been thanking me ever since 😀
    It’s up to you if you want to squat.
    Oh man, this is going to make me laugh all day.

  6. Steph

    Sometimes I’m embarassed to fart in my boyfriend’s bathroom for fear he’ll hear me(lame I know) because his bathroom is so echoey. I spread my cheeks and somehow it’s silent. I think the cheeks make farts noisy.

  7. Steph

    Cheek spreading must be a Steph thing. Eh, Steph? Mwuahaha.
    Sometimes I grab ’em. This is going to bite me in the ass someday, I know it…

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