I’ve written of the love I possess for The Nies and how she shares the same love for him. But what I have NOT told you is that she took our love to the next level. Oh.Yes.She.Did.
That would be The Grind featuring The Nies all up in my bosom, (where he belongs) and he is all up in there because SHE sent him TO ME! OH LORD. Tonight, I will sit down with a glass of wine and a bag of chocolate covered almonds and take it all in. The bumpin’, the grindin’, the SWEATIN’. I KNOW the point is that I do it with him, but dude, it’s Eric Nies, I won’t be able to watch and DO. How could I ever concentrate hard enough to make that happen?

14 thoughts on “Griiiiiiiiinding

  1. ben

    Maybe you should watch it a few times, wine in hand, and kinda “take it all in” so that you know how it goes. No need to be hasty and possibly injure yourself when an un-rehearsed move happens on screen.
    And thanks for the reminder, I just put Carmen Electra’s new one on my wish list. Then I can sit back with some wine, some Ben and Jerry’s, and get fit, too.

  2. Shelley

    Let me guess that you have been watching Eric each week on MTV’s RR/RW Battle of the Sexes.
    If not, then you have been missing some serious Nies watching opportunities!

  3. Tuesday

    I have a thing for this cat also. I met him when I was workign at a retail store. I sold him black satin sheets and our hands touched.
    He paid with a check and I stole his number off the check. I did call once and got his machine.
    sigh, he is a good looking man.

  4. Sara

    He bought BLACK SATIN SHEETS? haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. How long ago did you get his number? I mean, I was just innocently wondering.

  5. y

    Yeah, was it like, recently and by any chance do you remember what it was? Like Sara, I’m just “innocently wondering” (pssst.. and I’m “innocently wondering” if you’d like to share it with me, just so I could, “look at it and stuff”.)

  6. Tuesday

    sadly this was about 6 years ago, I lost my copy of his photographed check complete with home number, or there would have been many more calls in the future. He did buy satin sheets and came in specifially for them, he was living in Hoboken NJ at that time, and we had a brief meaningful conversation. He even did the pass me, look back at me move and my stomach flip flopped.

  7. Tuesday

    Sara: You may touch but only certain areas.
    SJ: I will be sending a lock of hair in the mail to you immediatly.
    Does anyone want to hear about when I met Al Sharpton? no? Oh well I guess Neis is the pinnacle of fame.

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