I love her smile

My Gabriella is such a happy baby. You can see it in her smile and oh, how you can hear it in her laugh.
I suppose you’d be that happy too, if you had two of the most hilarious boys flipping, jumping, twisting and making silly noises for JUST FOR YOU. All the time. Anytime you wanted.
I swear, it’s enough to make my heart explode into pieces.
Happy pieces.

22 thoughts on “I love her smile

  1. susanne

    contageous!! My Gabriella couldnt stop giggling when she heard your Gabriella laugh that cute laugh! She kept saying “baby is laughing” when catching some air! Very cute baby u have there Y.*keep smiling*

  2. AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch

    Oh my god! I am melting!!! Her face probably hurts at the end of the day from all the smiling and laughing! Her be beautiful!
    About the baby poops. I might start trying solids for my 18 week old next week but thats the thing I dont wanna lose. The cute yellow breastmilk poos are just so prescious. When the real shit comes it will be all over and it’s just too big of a step. I might just hold off for a few more months.

  3. valerie

    awwwwww… my boy’s pretty happy too, but lately he’s been in a grumpy stage, I am apparently not allowed to leave the room without him. :-

  4. Vickie

    OMG that brought back such memories of when my kids sounded like that…
    Thanks for the memories 🙂
    PS just wait till she’s 17…the sounds coming from her mouth won’t be QUITE as sweet..

  5. Broad

    Mama Y’s done an stellar job of taking care of her girl, because wow, she’s big! I can’t get over it. If I didn’t check her birthdate over there on the right, I’d never guess she was only four months. And that giggle!
    Gummy smiles are the best, too.

  6. missy

    oh my god Y! I love how the boys are falling over themselves to make her giggle! Its just the most precious thing ever! I cant wait to hear our little one giggle and smile like that, but since that wont be until at least May, i’ll have to keep coming back to hear Gabby!

  7. Shylah

    Man, a baby’s laugh is the best sound in the world. It took an act of Congress to get Emily to laugh out loud as a baby – I’m so glad Gabby laughs so readily!

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