Not that you asked…

What did I get for Christmas? You see those 4 beautiful people right there? The ones smiling while waiting for me to take that picture? THAT is what I got for Christmas. Smiles, from my children and my husband.
Lots of smiles.
And love.
OH, the LOVE! I took that picture at 5:45am on Christmas day, just before we headed out to the living room to watch our children began unwrapping their gifts. There, in my bed, was my entire family and I thought to myself “I’m looking at my entire life right there, how lucky am I?”.
I will never forget that moment.
Of course, 20 minutes later, there was crying and arguing and fighting and farting and more farting. And still, I said “I’m the luckiest woman I know” And I wasn’t just saying that because my farts NEVER stink. I was saying it because I have been blessed with three beautiful children who are healthy, happy and who love me.
It was a special Christmas, the first one with our daughter.
The daughter we thought we’d never have.
The daughter who has brought each and every member of our family infinite amounts of joy, laughter, pride and love.
The daughter who makes me swell with pride (and not just because she farts just as loud as I do.)
I never could have imagined the delight I’d get out of dressing a little girl. Hello? I get to put dresses on, with socks and shoes that match the dress and? I can put BOWS IN A LITTLE PERSONS HAIR! It’s, like, totally awesome, man.
I refrained from buying all things girl for Gabby because I realise at this age she has no clue what is going on. Instead, I got her one big toy that I knew she’d enjoy. Do you have any idea how hard it was to NOT buy here all kinds of pretty girl things?
Next year, Oh yes, next year indeed.
Both of the boys were extremely happy with their gifts (although, clearly one of them has a WEE bit more enthusiasm than the other).
I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day, although, it would have been nice if Christmas could have been the day I could have declared “The Kegals have finally done their job! My ‘little problem’ is cured and I no longer pee a little when I laugh a lot.”
Oh well, one can’t get EVERYTHING they wish for in one day now, can they?
I’ll leave you with what I believe is my favorite picture of my daughter yet. Remember when I told you that she loves to look at herself?” Just look…

See? Precious, I tell you.

26 thoughts on “Not that you asked…

  1. Beth

    Your kids are beautiful! I have two boys and I can’t wait to have more, hopefully at least one girl because PUTTING BOWS IN A LITTLE PERSON’S HAIR! I laughed out loud at that. I’m glad your Christmas was wonderful.

  2. Lucky

    *grins* Yay for Bebe Toys! We did the same and just Claire a Excersaucer and a few teething toys for her stocking.
    She gave it her seal of approval by falling asleep in it after throughly drooling and gnawing on all the things attached to it that she could either pull into her mouth, or bend down to chew on 🙂

  3. Buzz

    Oh, I SO want that freaky car-toy-thing that Gabby got!!
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – You are such a lucky woman, honey!

  4. dana michelle

    That has to be the coolest bike I have ever seen. No wonder he’s so pumped!
    Glad to hear that your family had such a nice Christmas together. That picture of Tony and the kids is just precious

  5. kristal

    Glad you had such a great Christmas!! Bleu got the same bike (but in black). We got Johnny a 12″ red one with training wheels, but when we tried to put it together discovered the seat was missing. Oops!

  6. Sandee

    Glad your Chrsitmas was wonderful Y! Thanks for sharing your family with us, we can feel how much love you feel for them, farts and all! *hugs*

  7. Mariann

    That’s the perfect gift for a baby, and it’s clear that Gabby loves it. If I could pinch her cheeks (after sanitizing, of course!) through the monitor, I would! 🙂

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