Special Sauce…… POLICY HAHHA

McDonalds has a “Sauce Policy”.
I, for one, was totally unaware of the SAUCE POLICY. But thanks to the bitch with the headset on who forcefully pointed to the sauce policy posted right there on the drive thru window, I now know! Bitch was all “HAD THOU PAID ATTENTION, THOU WOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THE SAUCE POLICY!”
The sauce policy goes a little something like this.
A 6 piece = 1 sauce
A 10 piece = 2 sauces
A 20 piece = 3 sauces
That’s right, bitches, you get THREE SAUCES for TWENTY McNuggets. Each additional sauce will cost your ass a dime. (Hey, I didn’t write the sauce policy, I’m just reporting the sauce policy)
Who decided they needed a POLICY? For SAUCE? Were the kids behind the counter all “OH FUCK! Someone just ordered a 10 piece and I have NO IDEA how many sauces to give them! If only we had a policy!” Or, like, did the managers get tired of people asking for extra sauce? Were they all “That bitch just asked for TWO MORE DRESSINGS, does she think SAUCE GROWS ON TREES? We need a policy. For the sauce!”
I, for one, think the fact that a sauce policy exists is hilarious. Once I realised there was a policy on sauce, I couldn’t stop with the SAUCE POLICY jokes (and thank God my boys have my sense of humor, because they jumped right in).
Me:” Can I have 3 ranch dressings with my SIX piece, please?”
Andrew: “Uh, ma’am, you just violated our SAUCE POLICY, unless you cough up an extra 20 cents, I’m going to have to escort you out.”
I don’t even have to say “You had to be there” because that is some funny shit right there.

27 thoughts on “Special Sauce…… POLICY HAHHA

  1. Darleen

    Sheesh, Dell..that’s some sorryass places you frequent.
    Sometimes I wish the kids at the fast food joints wouldn’t toss a random handful or three of sauces in the bag. The ghost of my German-Scott grandmother, Mildred, stands behind me and tsk-tsks at my infrugality when I throw those suckers out.
    A “sauce policy” at MickeyD’s is the least of the reasons I refuse to patronize the place. Never liked ’em even as a kid.

  2. annette

    Somehow I think it started from the top down rather than the bottom up. After all, that xtra sauce is stealing a dime from the share holders!

  3. Lucky

    Taco Bell does this two now. You get like two packets per meal or some crazy shit.
    Lucky for me the kid at the one I go to knows me and just tosses a handful of fire sauce in when he sees me coming 🙂
    Well he used to, Claire doesnt like Fire Sause….

  4. julie

    See. You need to hoard the shit. Like gold. Any extra packets need to be kept in that “special kitchen drawer” and just make sure that they don’t explode next to the batteries and pens and such that you keep in that same drawer.
    We are going to have to practice what our grandparents (or errrr, in some cases here, great grandparents practiced) in the ’20’s when the stock market fell!
    Hoard that shit! Hoard that shit! Because you KNOW it’s LIMITED!
    You know the fast food industry makes little profit off of their food.
    ***I know that this post is full of deep fried sarcasm, but I have to admit that I love the taste of a quarter pounder with cheese and large fries every once in awhile. (FUCKING ASSHOLES took our SUPER SIZE AWAY!!!! So yes, I’m guilty of the same thing. Damn them!!! Just don’t ration my SAUCE!!!***

  5. julie

    Well, I think that my point was a bit convoluted. My apologies. Please let me be a bit more direct:
    What makes good food better? Frying the FUCK out of it.
    What makes fried food better? Well CHEESE. But if you don’t have cheese, CHEEZ (fake cheese) is also good.
    Whether or not you have cheese (or cheez), salt makes it good.
    What is better on top of that? RANCH.
    I rest my case.

  6. Tracy

    Yes, Y, the Sauce Policy is amusing.
    The really amusing thing is that they’re probably doing it to “save money” on the advice of some consultant who got paid millions of dollars to come up with things like the “sauce policy”.

  7. Firebrand

    Yeah, they’re doing that shit because of people like me who want *gasp* some damned sweet n’ sour on the side of her friiiiieeessss! Damn stingy people!
    Luckily, ~*knock on wood*~, the McD’s in my hood still gives up the sauce without requiring any $$. 🙂

  8. lee

    The best part is that the sauce policy is actually written up and ON DISPLAY. Just so the headset girl/boy can point to it authoritatively whenever somebody says, “Dude? What? Just one sauce?” That said, I don’t approve of the breakdown. I think it should be 2,3,4, just to allow for some breathing room.

  9. Catharina

    I live in Austria, and here they charge you 20 cents for a pack of ketchup!!! 20 CENTS!
    And I used to always sit there in McDonald’s, telling my friends: You know, in AMERICA, they would never charge me for this.
    Now, my world is crashing down on me. I never thought I’d see the day when Americans get frugal with their sauces.
    Down with the Sauce Policy!

  10. girl

    am I the only one that thinks it makes absolutely no sense that you get 2 with a 10 piece and only 3 with a 20 piece? you have twice as many nuggets but only get 50% more sauce? what kind of shit is that? and just for the record, the McDonalds that we go to never abides by “the sauce policy.” Boy and I shared a 20 piece the other day and we had 3 honeys and 4 BBQ’s in the bag when we got home. booya!

  11. Stacey

    Yvonne, come to the land of the free. CANADA. Where there is no sauce policy.
    Infact, you can grab as much sauce as you want yourself.
    Thank the lord. 😉

  12. nine

    that’s hysterical Yvonne! and it sucks. i’m gonna have to go to Mickey Dee’s now and inquire about this policy and see if it’s in effect out here too. when i go to Jack in the Box, those drive thru guys just toss me boatloads full of sauce tho! HA! for my stuffed jalapenos AND my fries!!
    hey, you think maybe that policy is only for you since you have The Special Sauce already?

  13. Darleen's Place

    Starting Sunday …

    The Christmas tree is up and decorated, sitting pristine and beautiful in its own corner of the livingroom … the rest of the house is a disaster. And I’m going to have another cup o’coffee before I even think about…


    Come on down to Texas, we have no sauce policy!! I just hope the sauce nazis don’t get the word out down here, how will I live without extra sauce!!!

  15. gojou

    Going by the title, I thought this was gonna be another post about Gabby. How can a Special Sauce post NOT be about Gabby? 😉

  16. Lessa

    *LOL* After having spent…erm… several YEARS of my life (sob! I’ll never get those years back! Let alone the time spent in the MCMANAGEMENT SCHOOL! oy. *L*) working for McD’s here in bumfucknowhere, Alaska, I should point out the sauce policy has been in effect ever since the introduction of the Chicken Nuggets back in the day.
    We just never gave a flying mcfuck about it. *L* And yeah – it did, by the way girl, start out as 1, 2, 4… I think the fact that it’s 3 for 20 now is bogus. Course, since I did put so many years into the local store, I have been known to sit my ass right there in the drive thru and WAIT until they give me more sauces, thus blowing they’re DT times for the day. *smug* take that, ye mcbastards! MUHAHAHAHA. And don’t EVEN get me started on the ‘half filled fry box’ fight of 1999…..
    erm. perhaps I shouldn’t post comments before my coffee…….

  17. ben

    I don’t usually get nuggets, but last time I was there (for burger and fries) I didn’t get any damn napkins.
    This is annoying (I was in the drive through) since I didn’t realize it till I had driven off already.
    C’mon people, you’re tossing greasy food to people – give em a napkin already!
    But, hey, thanks for the heads up on the sauce policy…

  18. Janis

    At the McD’s closet to me I not only have to ask for sauce with nuggets, but also ask for napkins-they don’t just give them to you anymore. You. Must. Ask.
    Also must often ask for straws. How do you forget to give a straw to someone who just ordered a drink? Uhm. Hello? Quit snorting the egg mcmuffins dude!
    Yogurt parfaits now have spoons taped to them. Thank god. Ever try to eat one of those with a straw? Or drink it? Not pretty folks. Not pretty at all.
    I’m starting to hate McD’s.
    Sonic charges for all their sauces. Fry sauce, ranch, marinara, you name it. You want, pay for it.
    Once at Arctic Circle I ordered a single cone. that’s it. Smartass taking my order says to me “That will be 98 cents at the first window big spender.”
    Asswipes.. They are everywhere..

  19. ben

    Janis reminded me:
    I once got a blizzard at Dairy Queen (in the drive through, I’m always in my freakin’ car) and they didn’t give me a spoon.
    How are you supposed to eat ice cream without a spoon?

  20. girl

    I’m sorry, but I think the big spender comment is really funny.
    but anyway, I’ve never been charged by Sonic for sauce. fast food chains must operate differently all over the country. the only place I’ve ever had to get bitchy with someone over sauce is at Chick-fil-A. but even then, they didn’t charge me anything for extra.

  21. reese

    I’m with gojou. What I and millions of other inquiring minds want to know now is, will GABBY adopt a sauce policy? Because God knows you need one with that girl.

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