A short story by a stay at home mom forced to live on a budget because she had to quit her job to stay home to take care of her Unexpected Joy.

Why I Spend Two Hours Every Tuesday Night Going Through Supermarket Ads and Clipping Coupons

By, Me

And yes, I called people to brag about it and now I’m posting about it and yes, I think this means I’ve “officially” turned into my mother. But It’s all good, because I gots mad cash left over to spend on socks and underwear for my man.
Don’t be jealous, ok?

31 thoughts on “A short story by a stay at home mom forced to live on a budget because she had to quit her job to stay home to take care of her Unexpected Joy.

  1. Mieke

    My undying admiration! You are amazing. That is something to brag about. Stop people in the street and tell them. I would. I love a good deal.
    I don’t know how you do it. There must be better coupons up there, because here they are always for thing I would never buy like green ketchup or hot dogs with chili in them, nothing good
    What’s your secret? Are they the coupons that come in the Sunday paper?

  2. Funkeedva

    Where do you get your coupons? Is this a store like Giant, we have one here in Philly that honors double coupons! I gotta start doing this! 🙂
    Congrats heheheh

  3. girl

    heh. I brag about my coupon clipping habits ALL THE TIME. people at work are jealous of me b/c I save so much. I wait until things are on clearance and then whip out my coupons and get them for free. it pisses the store manager off but I don’t give a shit! a bitch has gots to save some money, yo! right?! just the other day I only spent $20 or so and saved close to $100. I get a serious rush when I can do that and come home with a ton of stuff.

  4. Lessa

    Whoo! I’m a shopping champ too – though I tend to lose coupons. Thank goodness for Club Card savings though! not only do I keep wacking off significant values off the grocerys, but I get airline miles as well! in the past year I’ve *almost* gotten enough to pay for my trip to CA in October….. I should have them in plenty of time to get the tickets in August. WHEE!

  5. some girl

    Jealous? Hell, I’m feeling down right guilty. I NEVER use coupons. I’m doing good if I have my Club Card with me.
    I’m so getting this Sunday’s paper.
    Good job!

  6. NinaKaye

    Damn, I wish we got coupons like that. We’re lucky if there’s one actual coupon in the 2 things of coupons the paper has. It’s all Bennigan’s and TGIFriday’s stuff…and the nearest of either of those is at least 100 miles!
    Plus, no stores around here double the coupons.

  7. Zette

    SWEEEET!!! Way to Go!
    I used to be able to save that too, when I lived in So. CA and shopped at Vons. (It helped that I worked at Pavilions at the same time, so I always knew what was on sale.) Double coupons up to $1 each, plus the card made such a difference. My ex REFUSED to go shopping with me because I would spend 3-4 hours, buy $400 worth of groceries, yet spend less than $200. When people would say I was crazy to spend that long in the store, I’d point out that I MADE $50/hour buying things we needed! Could they? I also bought a little pink rubbermaid file card box and made my own coupon files, since the generic ones they sell didn’t work for me. My boys would have fun helping cut coupons or trying to figure out where to file them, so it wasn’t too bad. And it’s so easy to just sit down and cut and file the coupons while watching your favorite show. Multi-tasking Moms Save Big!
    Unfortunately, here in Texas, the store I shop at only doubles up to $.39, and triples up to $.50, which sounds good, but the coupons in the paper are usually around $.65 or higher, so you don’t get quite the kick. I used to beg my sister to send Texas coupons to me in California, so I could save more. LMAO!
    Congratulations, Yvonne! Hope you get to treat yourself to something special with all those savings!

  8. Angel

    Words can not even express what I am thinking. You are my hero, you need a crown or something. I have never seen that done before, not that high anyways. You go girl

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