But I can not lie… I miss the “bacon”

While some wimmins are getting dressed up everyday to go to work, to accomplish great things, to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan, I’m in my ugly kitchen with no make up on, tittymilk puke all up on the shirt I had on the day before, stanky breath, unshaved pits & legs, taking pictures with ma’baby girl.
And you know what?
I’m totally ok with that.

10 thoughts on “But I can not lie… I miss the “bacon”

  1. Paula

    Oh My God! She is just too adorable! and those cheeks, I could just eat her up!! She makes my biological clock race lol.

  2. suzie

    ack!! too cute! no fair!
    i’m putting you on my list, lady. i’m going to start lobbying for “pregnancy warnings” on blogs and television- they’ll say “WARNING- DO NOT VIEW IF PREGNANT” because my hormones are so out of control that super cute baby pictures like this make me cry.
    you and those damn hallmark commercials are ON MY LIST!!

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