11 thoughts on “Don’t be hating

  1. NinaKaye

    My husband is “pro-Mariachi” too. We don’t understand a word of Spanish, yet he insists we watch Univision and stuff. Anything Mexican or even Mexican-ish, he loves.

  2. lex

    My husband and I got in a big fight over Mariachi’s for our wedding. I’m Pro. He’s not.
    For the record, we had the Mariachi’s. Mom & Dad paid for them. hee.

  3. Angel

    Know it and love it, my tio is in a mariachi band 🙂 Love his songs about drunk men and heartaches!

  4. Zette

    OMG! I, too LOVE the Mariachi! I guess living in So Cal, can have that effect on you! *grins* I have no clue what they’re singing about, but the music makes me want to dance and sing along.
    As a child, I used to love watching the Spanish-speaking channels, because I loved how the language sounded. Plus, I believe you can get a pretty good idea of what was happening from the emotions of the actors. (*shhhh…don’t tell….but in Junior High, I bought Toni Basil’s “Mickey” in it’s Spanish version, and had it until just a few years ago when it was destroyed.)
    So anyhow, my daughter, who will be 7 in April, was channel-surfing last week on her TV, and stopped at the Spanish channel and was hooked for hours! I have NEVER told her about my love of the sound of the spanish language, even though I speak nary a word, or any of it. I laughed my butt off, and grinned, saying, “I guess some things are JUST genetic!” ROFLMAO!
    Mariachi music isn’t nearly as predominant here in Dallas, which is really a shame.

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