With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you

Back in October, I dumped my old blog (but I renewed the domain because hell no I wasn’t going to let someone else have it) I couldn’t think of a new domain name. Eventually, I picked this one and OH, how Melly laughed at me and called me CHEESY for picking this name and I fully admitted that it was PURE CHEESE. In a way, it was a relief to own my cheese.

Being able to be free with my cheese has been GREAT FUN and I love that anytime I want to write something all cheesy like, I can just go on with my big, bad greasy ball O’cheese self and people don’t blink twice because this is Joy Unexpected… WHAT DID YOU EXPECT TO READ HERE?
And the great part is, even though I went all cheesy on your ass, I still totally talk about vaginas and farting (with my daughter) and tittymilk and all that good stuff, but if I want to write about my unexpected joy? I can because Hello? It’s the title of this blog! DUH.
I just wasted all of that time writing that so I could unload the biggest brick of cheese I’ve ever unloaded on you.
I LOVE the comments you people leave here on my Blog Of Cheddah! That’s right, I LOVE you mother fuckers. (And don’t get all pissed because I called you mother fuckers, I need to maintain a little bit of “street credibility”. Besides, when I say “mother fuckers” I mean “blogging brothers and sisters”, ok? Also, I don’t mean I ‘LOVE’ love, I mean, blog love, so please don’t fall in real love with me and stalk me)
I mean, I really LOVE what you people have to say.
Let me give you a few examples of why I’m totally in love with you people.
“If I saw someone that I knew from their blog, I’d pee on their shoes.”Melly.
“dude. in a pinch, you should just wipe some pine-sol around the house. you don’t actually have to clean with it… just make everything smell like pine. because, for most people, pine smell = clean.Mikey
“I love bitches and whores.”Sphinxy
“Yeah well screw the duct tape, I’d have been throwing it across the room like I was a contestant in a midget tossing contest.”Janis
“Reading between the lines…
Did you just tell me to fuck myself? In a way that I look forward to it?
You are SUCH a diplomat!”
I could go on and on and on, but I won’t. At least not tonight because I’m tired and I have to poop. But maybe I’ll continue with the “I love you, man” cheese tomorrow and I’ll declare tomorrow “HONOR THY PEOPLE WHO LEAVE COMMENTS THAT MAKE ME LAUGH DAY!
Seriously though, I love you guys, and I am so relieved I was finally able to just open up and tell you that.

6 thoughts on “With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you

  1. James

    There was so much cheese in that post, I’m gonna be constipated for a month.
    By the way, I’m back writing again. Just wanted to let ya know. So, I might be dealing some cheese, myself. 😉

  2. ben

    Y, I’ve loved you since before I met you.
    And I mean that totally in a stalker way.
    (Nice shirt today, that color looks great with your hair…)

  3. Sarcastic Journalist

    i love you, too! We email about sex toys and vaginas and boobs and nipples and it makes me feel better about my no sex toys, my vagina, big boobs and horrid nipples.
    PS: Who does your family know in Texas? Your kids are always coming here. I wanna see Y!

  4. melly

    Uh, you’re going to take shit from someone who’s blog is called “Ordinary Morning”?
    I gots no room to talk. Doesn’t mean that I won’t, though.
    And, I stalk you, so much.

  5. mikey

    you suck. we love you too.
    hey, whatever happened to that ‘100 things’ thing that we all contributed to? is it up yet, and i missed it?

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