I HATE it when that happens!

Whenever Tony says he wants to go to bed, I always beg him to stay up just a little longer because that’s the only time during our lives we have to ourselves. He always says “Sorry, I’m too tired” and I get sad and he apologizes some more and then he goes to bed. However, tonight when he told me he was going to bed, I was all “Ok! I understand, you work so hard all day… GOODNIGHT!” Because…Shhhhhh… I’ve been dying to have the last piece of Kahlua cream cheese pie, but he knew I already had one earlier today and so I couldn’t eat it when he was awake, so I’ve been waiting for him to say he was going to bed since, like, 5pm.
But I think I was WAY too obvious with my “ok, go to bed, want me to tuck you in?!” attitude and he totally suspects I’m up to something because it’s an hour later, and he’s still awake!
I want to kick him t because that  piece of pie is whispering to me from inside the fridge because it KNOWS I can’t eat it until Tony is fast asleep because he’ll be all up in my padded grill about how it’s not cool to eat two pieces of pie in one day.
And because he’s STILL awake, I’m completely convinced that TONY IS SCREWING WITH MY PIE TIME. ON PURPOSE.
Not that I have a pie problem or anything.

8 thoughts on “I HATE it when that happens!

  1. Kelly

    Pie junky waitin’ for her fix. I feel ya, Y. And you know that if no one sees you eat it, it totally doesn’t contain fat or calories.
    Or at least, that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

  2. Mamacita

    I have a suggestion.
    Make another pie and eat all of it but one piece.
    He’ll never know.
    Not that I would ever DO anything like that.
    But I can tell you for a fact that it works.

  3. Vickie

    hahahahaaaaa I was reading this thinking, “it wasn’t too long ago that Yvonne wouldv’e said, “Oh you want to go to bed?? WAIT…ILL JOIN YOU MY LOVE”,,,,
    Now it’s, “get the hell moving, then so I can eat my slice of pie!!!”
    Ain’t marriage (and three kids later) grand? 😉

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