Super size, the left one only, please

I thought I’d take some pictures of my Heavy Metal Hair just for all y’all. And I thought I’d try to be really funny and I’d pose all ‘heavy metal’ like. I dubbed the photo shoot “Give the people what they want and then some
Oh, I’m gonna give it to you, alright.
And them some.
Uneven some.
But FIRST… let’s go back in blogstory, shall we? (SHUTUP, MELLY!)
I’m going to show you a picture I posted a few weeks ago.

I was trying to demonstrate how my left tit outgrew my right tit overnight. I know that some of you thought I made that up just to be funny. Didn’t you? ADMIT IT!
Ok, now, let me show you the picture I took a few minutes ago and you tell me if you think I’m a liar now.

(“Why did you spray paint your face, woman?” you might ask. Because I CAN if I want to.)
Honestly, I KNEW one was bigger than the other, but honestly, I didn’t think it was THAT noticeable. Anyway…
I was only able to take one picture that shows what the HMH looks like, but it doesn’t do it justice. Sorry.
Once again, it’s all about my boobs.

30 thoughts on “Super size, the left one only, please

  1. Chelle

    and I was refering to the HAIR not being big enough, just for clarification.
    Again, the boobs are good!

  2. y

    Well, I should point out that I did wash it and try styling it myself so it doesn’t look as like it did yesterday. And I didn’t say it was “big” HMH, it’s more the layers and the way they fall. I guess it’s more “mullet” than HMH.
    Oh an thanks for clearing up what you meant by “not big enough” because those are E cup boobs and if that aint big enough, then I don’t know what is!

  3. Chelle

    Hahhah! Nope the boobs are definitely big enough! They look great and so does your hair. I wish my hair were that shiny- you have the high-pro glow! Okay, so that’s not very funny. I think your hair looks really good. I think it’s the layers that are a little scary when you aren’t used to them. I got my hair cut about a year ago and the lady was all excited about giving me “LAYERS!” and I was like, okay, just a little and that #@&*% really did give me a mullet. It was AWFUL. So awful in fact I made my husband cut all that crap hanging down in the back off. And you know it’s desperate when you are begging the husband to cut your hair. Oh, the horror!

  4. Paula

    Your hair is gorgeous and shiny, you are so lucky. I have almost the same hair style, same layers, I find its easier to style then when I just had all one length. Thank goodness for big round brushes.

  5. Tammy

    I love the hair, I think it’s great! It’s not frizzy, so naturally it can’t be HMH. And the boobs? I admit, I thought you might have been over reacting. But guess what? You aren’t!!!! What the hell is up with those things?! Does it throw you off balance?! Tee hee. Don’t worry, after my babies, I realized one NIPPLE had actually become twice the size of the other. After a year or so, you don’t even notice anymore….

  6. fran

    uhm, i for one, cannot tell the difference between the boobies. will need to see a better example. maybe a shirtless example perhaps… 😛
    but really, honestly? you cannot tell, really…i stared at your boobs for like, five minutes, couldn’t tell…

  7. clearlydistracted

    Trying to figure out which side to nurse on to balance out the sides is a VERY tricky game indeed! If one side seems too full so you nurse more on that one, then it produces more milk and gets even bigger. I am reminded of the Seinfeld where Kramer tried to trim his chest hair on top and ended up shaving the whole thing because he could never get it even. Good luck with that and let me know if you figure out the scientific formula of boob equality.

  8. aim

    Your hair looks BEAUTIFUL! Really, it does 🙂 And, just for the record, I have ginormous boobs and one is quite obviously larger than the other, so I feel your pain, chica.

  9. Jen from Canada

    Hey Y, NICE hair! It has been 3 days since you updated, is everything ok?
    See I am a Lurker who cares!

  10. NinaKaye

    I got my haircut back in October. I asked for the “flippy-up” thing. She cut it, flipped it up, and I came home and washed it. It hasn’t been flipped up again.
    Also, it’s been a few days…where you at? I need something good to read while I’m eating! heh

  11. Tiffeny

    As everyone has already said.. Your hair always looks nice, not matter the cut & style! And this style looks good on you. And of course SHINY so spill it! How do you make it sooooo shiny?

  12. Amber

    Your hair looks good!! Hell if hmh looks that good i want it.About the boob thing, I swear im starting a group called My boobies,oh the two sizes of my boobies. I have the same problem. rightie is much much larger then lefty….i had collin on 9/30/04 & he loves his right boobie..
    WHERE R YOU Y??????????? I MISS YA!

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