Thumb WAY up.

You are looking at the greatest joy in my life right now.

My husband holding our daughter.
The way she smiles at him. The way she grabs his neck and pulls herself close to him. The way she giggles when he looks at her. The way she just loves him and the way he loves her right back times 1000.
There are no words to describe the happiness and fufillment I feel when I watch them together.
We’ll see how true that is when she’s 15 and I tell her “No!” and she’s all “DADDY SAID I COULD… SO SCREW YOU!”
But until that fine day, I will enjoy watching the two of them together, her totally owning him and him loving every minute of it.

17 thoughts on “Thumb WAY up.

  1. Sarcastic Journalist

    awww, a daddy’s girl. we’ve got a mama’s girl over here. i want these two girls to get together and play. its so funny how I can look at gabby and see bits and pieces of Ellie.

  2. ben

    Is he about to sneeze?
    They do look GREAT together. You’re gonna have your hands full during the Teen Years.
    (shit, why does EVERYONE say that? I hear it all the damn time)

  3. Lisa

    What GREAT pictures… I also love watching my daughter and husband together. She just GRINS at him when he walks in the room and no one can make her laugh as hysterically as her daddy can!

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