What is this “aging gracefully” thing that people speak of?

The whole “I need to see your I.D, whoops, I was looking at your ass and not your face and now that I see your face… DAMN YOU LOOK OLD! nevermind!” incident really effed me up.
I’m feeling uglier then I normally do.
I spent all morning examining the wrinkles all over my face and my neck. How did I miss the fact that I am chock full o’ wrinkles? Everywhere!! GROSS!
It didn’t help matters that during the wrinkle examination, I found another gray hair all up in my scalp.
Oh! And did you know I have VERICOSE VIENS on the back of my calves?

15 thoughts on “What is this “aging gracefully” thing that people speak of?

  1. ben

    Hi Y,
    I just saw that you posted.
    You are lovely.
    Don’t fall for the fucking “oil of olay” commercials that imply anybody over the age of fourteen is a hag. They just want you to feel bad so you buy shit. Like beer.

  2. MelissaC

    Y, don’t be down on yourself!
    I ALWAYS hope that they’ll card me at the liquor store, but I’m usually disappointed. I tell myself “Of course, it’s obvious that I’m not 21. I look like a gorgeous 24-year-old!” (nevermind the date on my drivers license – I can’t POSSIBLY be over 30.)

  3. w

    STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF. you are NOT gross, you are beautiful. Frankly I haven’t seen one wrinkle I do not know what you are talking about!

  4. robynf

    Y, Y, Y.
    You have a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful amazing children. Everything has a cost…..for you it’s a butt and wrinkles. Would you rather be single and alone but skinny, skinny with big perky boobs and extra cash to spend on a face lift?
    I think you should be proud of every wrinkle and every pound, you have earned every one those raising those kids and taking care of your hubby.
    You focus your time and attention on your family, and you have sacrificed yourself, and that is what every mother does. Be proud of yourself. Your family loves you and would fall apart without you.

  5. Christine

    I get carded sometimes. Sometimes I don’t. Frankly, at 35, NOBODY SHOULD CARD ME. A 35 yr old woman does not look 21. Big Deal! You look great. Now just admit it! lol

  6. MollieBee

    Can we just focus on the fact that your ass looks 19? Mine looks 50, but I was born in ’79…

  7. kim

    my friend went to a movie with her sister (2 years younger sister..) the other day and the women there though they were mother and daughter. she’s 28… i’m sure that hurt.
    so again, it’s not like you’re the only one meeting dumb people. relax. your skin (and NO, not only your skin, ’cause i know that’s what you were just thinking) looks awesome and i SO envy you for that shiny hair. STOP putting yourself down. NOW. or i’ll have to pick up stacey so we can come there and kick your underage-looking ass..

  8. Chelle

    Hush up, you look fantastic! I don’t see any wrinkles, even when I “click to enlarge” your picture.

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