I remember when my little brothers went through it, I was so grossed out, I didn’t want to be around them with their smell, their zits, their voice, their overall ugliness/ackwardness. It was too gross to deal with.
Now, it’s my son. My BABY is pube’n.
Zits! Hair! B.O! BONERS!
I can’t take it, people.
I see the zits on my sons nose, and I want to pop them, but I’m like… PUBERTY! GROSS! YOU CAN’T TOUCH PUBERTY ZITS!
And don’t even get me started on the puberty ‘tude.
This morning, at 9:30am, my son YELLS AT ME from his bed.
“Turn that music down! You’re waking me up!”
Um. Excuse me, kid, but it’s almost 10am. When I was your age, I had to be up by 7 and scrubbing toilets by 7:15, after I had read the bible and prayed, of course. And you’re yelling at me that my music is WAKING YOUR LAZY ASS UP?
Aw hell no.
I don’t know how much of this I can take. :shudders:

11 thoughts on “Puberty.

  1. AyEnDeeAreEeAyAitch

    Oh god, you poor thing.
    We were 16 when my husband and I started dating. I don’t even think his balls had dropped yet. When I think back on how gross and all pubertly he was just like you described I have to shudder too.

  2. carson

    OH MY. I never thought about this. MY SON will have REAL BONERS! Not the cute little diaper change bigger wee wee that I laugh at, but real ones. And he will think about girls. (He’s already tit-happy at 14 months, he is always wanting to nurse as well.)
    At the same time, I can’t help but think that my daughter’s adolescence will be much worse. She’s already a drama diva.
    Not gonna think about that yet.

  3. pinkme

    Just wait! My son is 14 and I recently found the bathroom hand towel in the dirty clothes- crusty!! OMG, I couldn’t even touch it! Body hair too, yuck!!

  4. shy me

    it’s bad enough teaching them at that age, i can’t imagine having to live with em! poor you!

  5. Rae

    If you ever (and I do mean EVER) need someone to commiserate with you, give me a shout… my oldest is pube’n too…

  6. MollieBee

    lol @ Andreah…
    “his balls hadn’t even dropped yet”
    Oops my balls dropped, better check under the couch. Those pesky things never stay put.

  7. leodisaster

    hahahahahaha…. molliebee that’s funny.
    my 12 yr old bro is hitting pooberty too… the other day he was hitting the showers after a game of golf with a 16 yr old… the 16 yr old casually glanced down at him.. ‘you mean you don’t have hair down there yet??!’
    my bro peeks over to get his show ‘oh.. u have ???’
    16 yr old ,’got, but not in my armpits yet…’
    a conversation i do NOT have to hear about..

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