To answer the question…

So, how’s that “I’m going to quit my job and be the BEST stay at home mom I can be!” working out for ya?

THAT’S HOW, beyotches.
What about all that sewing you were talking about? You know, how you were going to sew curtains for the living room and hem up your kids pants and make covers for your kitchen chairs… How’s THAT coming along?

How does it LOOK like it’s coming along? But watch out, once I figure out how to thread that bitch up, it’s ON.

25 thoughts on “To answer the question…

  1. Shylah

    I have a Singer machine similar to that one – I’d be glad to try and talk you through threading it, if you like.

  2. NinaKaye

    I can almost relate to the clothes, although, if stuff is like that on the couch I freak out. I make sure everything is thrown down the hallway. If I don’t see it, it doesn’t matter if it’s messy. heh
    I wouldn’t even begin to attempt sewing anything.

  3. Empie

    Oh My Gawd, do you need help cleaning? I am sending you a gift certificate for Merry Maids!
    Expect it by Monday!
    I am serious too! Hey but just because were stay at home Moms does’nt mean we don’t deserve to get a break sometime, my FIVE plus ONE are driving me NUTSO, minimum days all week, Holy Crap, that means I actually have to cook them lunch! Damn our school system for making me be responsible for these brats!
    And another thing 42EE, in my flippin dreams! Well maybe not, but can I get a loan on some titty! My A cup isnt quite cutting it!
    PS Send me a mailing Addy!

  4. Mamacita

    My house looks like that, and I don’t have any good excuses like you have. But hey: don’t worry about it. Play with your kids. The mess will still be there tomorrow, but every day your kids will be older. Priorities. And it looks to me like yours are pretty darn good.

  5. suzie

    when i was home for two months after my surgery last year, that is EXACTLY what my house looked like. i need structure to stay organized. it seemed there was never enough time in the day to get stuff done. working 60 hours a week it’s clean(ish)- go figure.

  6. etherian

    OMG! I learned to sew on a Singer exactly like that one! And it was such an extreme beetch to thread up, I never, ever wanted to sew again!!

  7. Jen

    Yvonne! What have I told you about breaking into my house and taking pictures and posting them on your weblog?????

  8. Kelly

    Damn, you are effing hilarious!!!! That’s my house! Yeah, most people have effed up visions of what staying home is like! I love this entry! Just cause you stay home doesnt mean you can or want to cook three homemade meals a day, have a perfectly clean house, and have all your curtains homemade! 🙂 Love your blog!!!!

  9. angie

    Girl…what is wrong with your house?? That is my house on a daily basis. We are soul sisters.
    Gabby and the boys will love you anyway!!

  10. Shaunta

    Who has time to even care about cleaning when there is an adorable unexpected joy to play with all day? That’s what I tell my husband, anyway!
    Also, we have the same swing. It’s the bomb. Ruby loves those fishies!

  11. Chelle

    This looks oh-so familiar to me. Even the damn sewing machine I can’t thread. I was going to make clothes and cloth diapers. WTF? My youngest is 4 years old, so I can cut myself some slack on that diaper production thing.
    How did my Grandmother do everything she did? It baffles my mind.

  12. Zette

    I ONLY wish my house looked as good as yours. My messes tend to be papers, animal toys and crap like that. Clothes and stuff like that would be a pleasure to deal with. Plus, my carpet and furniture is not nearly a pretty as yours so even the slightest mess here makes it look like trailer trash. I don’t dare post pics of my house! Eek!
    I’d come clean your house just for the chance to play with that cute little girl of yours, as my cute little girl is almost 7 years old now.

  13. Zette

    Oh yeah, and I completely agree with mamacita about having your priorities. Your kids will NOT care or even remember that your house was always clean, but they will remember that you took the time to play with them and pay attention to them. Being a stay at home mom is NOTHING like the parenting magazines or tv try to make it out to be. We try to do the best we can and try to remember that our jobs NEVER END! It’s 24/7/365 and we’re lucky to get a shower on a daily basis. Throw in the fact that your titties are on-call, it’s a wonder you have time at all. Keep your head up, it’ll get better. You’re doing fine.

  14. Mariann

    Thank you for posting these pictures. I’m a working mom whose home is an absolute disaster, a mine field of toys and clothes and crumbs. It’s nice to hear that SAHMs have just as much difficulty keeping up! 🙂

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