Add this to the list of reasons I won’t be able to sleep tonight

I was on the couch feeding Gabby tonight when I got that creepy feeling that someone was watching me.

It was a lizard! And it was IN MY HOUSE!
How did a lizard THAT BIG get inside of my house? Did he open the door and let himself in? Because, how does a creature of that size get into a house without someone noticing? Is there a hole in a wall somewhere that I should know about? Am I going to wake up and find a possum taking a dump in my toilet?
But, seriously, folks…

26 thoughts on “Add this to the list of reasons I won’t be able to sleep tonight

  1. Kristina

    He could have came in by the way of your drainage area around your sinks. You know what I mean? They go up under the house. Of course they are spose to seal all that off but hah, I had my house built and the first three months I was here I heard a rustling sound coming from under my sink and went to see what it was, expecting a mouse here, opened up the door and it was a FUCKING SNAKE! I slammed the door shut and think I slammed it on his head. That was scarey enough for me to make sure those bastards came back in and sealed the entire things up. But yeah thats my guess. It’s cute. Ie the lizard.

  2. ginger

    My God! It looks like a baby alligator. Lizards don’t bother me, but damn, that one is huge. No wonder you could feel him staring at you.

  3. girl

    hell, I’d leave him alone. they eat bugs. we get geckos in our apartment occasionally and I don’t bother with them. I figure the cats will take care of them if they’re dumb enough to come down to the floor.

  4. Nanc'

    I wouldn’t leave him alone. I lived in Alabama for a few years and once found a baby SNAKE on my kitchen floor. Personally, I have a rule: NO reptiles in the house!

  5. Paula

    Ewww. I’ll deal with the snow and cold in New England if thats what you have to live with in California! I dont think I could survive those crawling into my house. Id have run screaming.

  6. Erin

    My sister was in a hotel in Florida once, and she picked up like a two foot long lizard, and dropped it onto the couch where I was asleep. So of course, I woke up, and pushed it into the crack in the sofa where the coushions met the back, and it was trapped under there, hissing like a cat. I’ve hated lizards ever since.

  7. Mrs Darling

    I’m not concerned about the reptile. I want to see more of the room he’s in with that Ivy or whatever on the ceiling. Give us some pics! It looks like some sort of a screened in sun porch or something. Whatever, it looks beautiful and I wanna see it! lol

  8. Tammy

    oh my god oh my god….I am never ever moving to a warmer place. Forget everything I’ve said against the Yukon. If that thing (or any reptile) found it’s way into my house, I’d have to burn the house down.
    I might have a bit of a fear of reptiles…

  9. Mona

    That lizard ain’t gross as the asian house lizards believe me. But I would still be freak out seeing one in my home so I am with u Y. When I was little, we had snakes that came into the house, I mean small and big, and they were black! Really gross the hell outta me!

  10. hed

    That’s one thing I miss about living in California. I loved the lizards. We don’t really see too much of that up here in the sticks. I’ll bet one of those pesky boys brought the poor little guy in though.

  11. Annie

    I compleatly understand! I found a SNAKE in my basement closet last summer( I need more than one closet since ours are small). I was changing out of my scrubs from work and was standing there in my bra and underwear and THOUGHT I saw a snake. I wasn’t sure, so got down really close…Yeah, you’ve never seen a fat girl take on stairs like that before. I flew upstairs, slammed the door, stuffed a towel under it and called my husband and demanded he come home that minute. Turns out the snake came in via a box from the garage a few days before and was already dead ( cat bite to the head). My husband said he’d seen earth worms bigger than that snake. I told him I didn’t give a flying F-U-C-K what he’d seen. I almost stepped on it!!!!

  12. dana michelle

    Yikes! That would freak me out for certain. It IS cute, but not if it were in my house. I’m with Paula about living in the colder climates. At least there are no large reptilian creatures to be had.
    Of course, I came home from work one night a few weeks back and found a live BAT lying in my bathtub. (NO clue how it got there) Don’t think that won’t give me nightmares for a few decades!

  13. J.Nel

    Seriously, that is so freaking cool. I have never seen a lizard in the wild… only in pet stores and my friend’s tank… soooo cool. So… Do they bite?

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