How much you want to bet the transmission on my van is going to die and we’ll have to go on a Fake One afterall?

Taxes are DONE! I can sleep at night again! I don’t have to pay! I get money back! I’m going to take my family on a vacation! A real one! Not a fake one where we have to drive! One where we can get on a plane! And stay in a nice hotel! And have money left over to buy useless crap! Just because we can!
So, any suggestions on where we should FLY ON A PLANE to have our First Real Family Vacation? Keep in mind, we have THREE kids.
Please help me? I really have NO idea where I want to go. Ok, that’s a lie. I want to go to NYC, but that’s completely selfish. I don’t think the kids would have half as much fun as I would…

49 thoughts on “How much you want to bet the transmission on my van is going to die and we’ll have to go on a Fake One afterall?

  1. skits

    When I was growing up, our yearly family vacation was Disneyworld in Orlando. So. Much. Fun. For grownups AND kids. 😀

  2. Mamacita

    The favorite vacation spot for my family is Ocracoke Island; it’s part of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s EXTREMELY inexpensive, very very beautiful, lots of fun, full of good stuff to see, great restaurants, and did I mention how cheap it is? The most beautiful beach you will ever see.

  3. Jenny

    Well, since Gabriella is still so little, you’ll want to do something where you don’t wind up having to push a stroller up an uneven hill several hours a day. You’ll want something that keeps the boys happy and is relaxing for you and the hubby. Places like Disneyworld, Universal Studios and the like can get pretty pricey. I’m a big fan of anything on the Gulf of Mexico, but I also live in the land-locked frozen tundra of Minnesota, so that might explain it.
    The Grand Canyon is beautiful, and Boston is a cool place too. Then there’s always The Dells in Wisconsin.
    There’s just too many places to go to! I can’t wait to find out what you decide to do with your windfall!

  4. Tuesday

    Um hello, come to Jersey and stay with me.
    I am fun.
    Ok, well not really.
    I second Orlando then, there is so much more to do then just Disney.

  5. Y

    ha! Yeah, california is awesome. Too bad I’m sick of it after LIVING HERE MY ENTIRE LIFE.
    I want to FLY ON A PLANE!

  6. Jen

    I’m going to second the Outer Banks. They’re really beautiful. Lots of lighthouses and beaches. And… you could come see ME! 😉

  7. Tammy

    I would love to try and convince you to come here to the frozen north, but seriously, I couldn’t do that to you. I can’t think of any good reason to vacation here, other than seeing me. And that’s only good for what, an hour, 3 hours tops?

  8. Sara

    What about…the suburbs of Dallas! What, with all of the pavement and plains as far as the eye can see, there’s always something fun for the whole fam! Just yesterday? I saw 5 women walking around the ‘burbs all wearing the same haircut, pushing strollers, and sporting mad bling. How often does that happen, yo? OFTEN, apparently.

  9. Annika

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think New York is great for kids. I grew up there and honestly – there is so much fun, kid-friendly stuff! However, as the mom of three kids in New York, you might be a little worried and not have as much fun for yourself. But I still vote for New York.

  10. Annika

    Oh! Back-up idea!
    We went to DC last week and I didn’t want to leave. We were there for a wedding so I didn’t get to go to the museums and stuff, but we did drive around a bunch and I am in love with the whole area. And the National Cathedral is a MUST see. Plus, all the museums are 100% free and have stuff that isn’t just boring old art, so the boys would probably have a blast.

  11. girl

    I second Skits. I’m all about the Disneyworld. I dated a guy that worked in the Haunted Mansion for 3 years and I loved it there. it might be tough hauling Gabby all around the different parks though.
    you could also go on a Disney Cruise. I have no idea how much they cost, but they’re supposedly a hell of a lot of fun for the entire family.

  12. hed

    I second Seattle! It’s fabulous, and there is lots of interesting stuff to do… and you have friends up there, right?

  13. Sarcastic Journalist

    Disney is expensive. You know that. The outerbanks are OKKKKKAAAAAAAYYYYYY but I was like “eh?” Plus you’d have to drive to get there as the “big airports” are farther away. When we went to the OB (actually Ocrakoke) the tide was too harsh and wind too crazy. It was a waste.
    I say Washington DC because there’s lots to do and most museums are free.
    Or, as Jazzy said, The Woodlands Resort. I can walk to it from here. You know. Because everyone wants to vacation in Houston.
    I think NYC. How bout you just bring me?

  14. jessica

    we’ve always LOVED Myrtle Beach. Not, North Myrtle Beach, but the southern part, in S.C.
    There are a million things to do there and it’s a lot cheaper than Disney. Not that Disney World isn’t awesome… but Gabby is too young for it and she will be unable to enjoy and appreciate most of it. Myrtle Beach has things for all ages and won’t bore parents. There’s the Pavillion Amusement park, museums, Myrtle Waves water park, a bunch of miniature gold courses and putt-putts and of course the beach! plus, there are different dinner shows like the Dixie Stampede and Midevil Times. They are so much fun and i”ve never met a kid who didn’t have a blast there. also, tons of places to shop and dine out. the boeardwalk has great places to eat and some really cool arcades.
    the hotels there are all different prices, but i suggest the medium priced Poindexter. go to and you should be able to find a lot of info on the place.

  15. Lisa

    Siesta Key in Sarasota, Florida. The most georgeous powder white sand beach anywhere. Beach slopes gently into Gulf of Mexico and the waves are gentle, not too rough for the little ones. There are some fun little old places to stay where you can rent a one-bedroom right on the beach. Try Seacrest. Siesta Key Village is also fun and laid-back… fun places to eat and shop. Very family friendly.

  16. carolyn

    I second Okracoke Island and the Outer Banks, South Myrtle beach, and Wash. DC but I cannot imagine taking a baby around to the tourist sites in D.C. my back hurts just thinking about it. I also love Upper Michigan(in the summer)and Mackinac Island(where the movie”Somewhere in Time” was filmed). Beautiful, fun but not practical, too far away from the larger airports.

  17. Sarcastic Journalist

    i went to S Myrtle Beach and it was eerie. The water was completely still and fish everywhere! i’ve never seen so many fish.
    but it was pretty. I vote for Houston. Cause I can’t stop voting.

  18. Yvonne's Mama

    I just turned on the news and it turned out that pretty much the rest of the country has been destroyed by a tornado.
    Luckily, Houston is still standing.

  19. laura

    I vote Hawaii or Mexico. Either will seem exotic for the kids and you adults will still have fun.
    Or if you got a LOT back, consider the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. Tons of kid-friendly stuff.

  20. Mieke

    Hawaii, NY, or DC. I love them all, but there is no place like NYC. Plus, it’s where I am from so I can totally hook you up with great stuff to do. Just being there is a rush.
    DC is great too. TONS of free stuff, great for you, maybe boring for the kids.
    Hawaii is amazing; the water tastes sweet from the tap.
    Venice beach is great too.

  21. jessica

    in all the years we have spent going to Myrtle Beach, i have never seen the water still or a ton of fish. saw dolphins a couple of times though.

  22. wdc

    I have a friend that goes to Cabo every year with her family. They have a 4, 9 & 10 year old. They have been going since the 4 yr old was 1. She says “Where else can you lay by the pool watch the kids swim, order a drink and have them bring PB&J’s to the kids? Heaven.” They go back every year. I would just stay in a resort out of Downtown Cabo. Could be fun.
    Or a cruise – maybe a Disney cruise?
    Hawaii rocks but = expensive.
    Or I heard that someone might want you in Houston. But what do I know?

  23. Trace

    I also was going to suggest a cruise, maybe a Disney cruise? Also Washington DC IS a great place. I went when I was thirteen expecting to be bored out of my head but I wasn’t. It’s interesting, beautiful (at least the parts I saw) and clean!

  24. Kristina

    If Gabby was a bit older I would suggest you go to London, France, Italy, and possibly Ireland (since that is originally where I am from and will return to one day). Honestly the culture is outstanding. It’s absolutely beautiful over there and they love American money and accents. I will be back over that side this summer. I can’t wait.
    But since she isn’t old enough to enjoy most of it then I would suggest Texas. You know not just cause thats where I am. But come on, it’s not that expensive here, you get free sun and fun, and plus you can see your brother!!!!!!! *manipulation*.

  25. missy

    Dude, I vote take a Cruise. Isi and I went on a cruise a few years back, obviously pre-baby, but they have so many programs for the kids, and parents get free time away from them for a while, you hit some pretty cool places, and the water is warm, the meals are all inclusive, the shows are great, I could go on and on…. Its really a nice relaxing vacation that should fit everyones idea of a good time 🙂 We did Carnival, but I’d recommend Disney for the kids. (carnival had a great day-camp type program, but i’ve heard so many parents rave about the Disney ones)

  26. Lela

    I live in Wilmington, NC and if you do pick Myrtle Beach, be SURE that it’s not “Bike Week” while you are there. It’s always a traffic nightmare and is usually not very “family friendly” during that time.
    Keep in mind that NC has some nice family beaches as well – Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach.

  27. Mona

    San Francisco? I cheated I know coz I live in SF. I know that’s in California but it’s Northern and u’re living in Southern Calif. 😉 Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf, one of my most fav places on earth.
    DC’s nice too, I went there last mth.

  28. jessica

    there are two bike weeks in myrtle beach. the second week in may is bike week, and the third week is black biker week. my mom was on her honeymoon there when they discovered black biker week… even worse than the week before. but other than those two weeks it should be good. i would avoid august though, it tends to rain a lot in august there. june and july are the best times.

  29. Joelle

    I’m gonna through in Disney World. I mean, it’s like a whole fucking world right? It’s bound to be good, no? And there’s supposedly plenty to do for adults.
    But what do I know? I’ve never been there. 🙂

  30. Mrs Darling

    We’ve been to Disney World 4 times. It’s a long flight from Oregon to Florida but the kids love it. If you go there make sure to stay in a Disney resort. There’s no other way to do it.
    Or you could come to Oregon and visit Mt St Helens, ski on Mt Hood, go to the Beach, tour the waterfront in Portland, tour the Columbia River Gorge and stay in beautiful rsustic inns at the mouth of the Columbia! It’s Oregon or bust!

  31. Sarah in support of SJ

    I’m sure you mean “it’s Houstin or bust” But since i’m sure it was just a typo, i can forgive you. Or i’ll have to send my platoon of naked ninja midgets with tophats to get you.

  32. Totally not sarah in support of SJ

    An since i’m sure you just accidentally misspelled Houston, i won’t get too mad at you. But my ninja midgets are being chased by bulls. They run faster.

  33. just another schmo

    I say go for Washington, D.C. They have tons of museums and everything that are geared towards kids. Of course, being from that area I’m not at all biased.

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