Psycho mom strikes again

We’re having a bit of a “facial enlargement due to a severe infection of the tooth” over here. Anyone who knows me would know that this means that I am in full freak out mode. (For the record? The swelling has gotten worse and his eye is almost swollen shut now. I swear I’m not exaggerating one bit!)
Ethan started crying on Sunday complaining of severe pain. I called TWO dentists (his old pediatric dentist and our new piece of crap, don’t know how to keep his office clean dentist). Both of their voicemails said “if this is in emergency, we WILL call you RIGHT BACK.
I must be dumb because I thought that meant they’d call me right back or something, but apparently, that was “code” for “we won’t call you back EVER” because neither one of them called back!
This morning I was awoken by a crying boy with HALF OF HIS FACE SWOLLEN. I did what I normally do when I see one of my offspring with a swollen body part and I FREAKED THE HELL OUT.
When am I going to stop doing this? As their mother, it is my job to make them feel like everything is going to be ok and they’re not going to die or have to get half of their face chopped off. But every single time, I turn into MY mother, the mother who went made us take my brother to the neighbors house with a finger hanging on by a piece of skin because she freaked out when she saw the blood. That was the example I had of how a mother is supposed to handle blood and swollen faces, so, I blame her.
I calmed down and got a grip, until Ethan started THROWING UP.
That is when I called Tony at work demanding he come home because throwing up + facial swelling of half of his entire face = emergency. I don’t DO emergencies by myself. It’s in The Contract.
I had no idea Ethan wouldn’t be the only one chucking up puke. I caught a glance of son emptying the cup he had filled with his PUSSY,BLOODY SPIT into the sink and WHOMP! There went a little throw up in the dentist’s office.
I swear I’m a great mother as long as my kids aren’t swollen anywhere, bleeding from their heads, puking or SPITTING PUS INTO A CUP.
I’m currently administering antibiotics, motrin, icepacks and lots of love to poor baby and in 10 days, I will be taking him back to the dentist for a tooth extraction.
The joys of parenting, they never cease to end.

28 thoughts on “Psycho mom strikes again

  1. QC

    Poor baby. What’s ripping my heart out is that he’s actually trying to smile for that second picture, in spite of how much that must hurt.

  2. Buzz

    Ouch!! That looks tough! By the way, you sound like the perfect Ma to me! Freak out when you need to, hon. That’s your job!
    Love ya.

  3. Y

    I know, I feel so so sorry for him. I probably should have MENTIONED THAT in my post, but I was too busy making it about me, huh? I feel so bad he had to go through the entire night with that pain.
    He’s such a trooper, though. Ok, not really. Well, yes, he is, as long as you don’t say things like “OH MY GOD, THAT’S NOT NORMAL!” then he kind of freaks out.

  4. MollieBee

    Oooh that sucks ass. My husband had an absessed tooth the first time he met my mother…you should have seen the look on her face. I called him “chipmonk boy” for a while.

  5. wdc

    Holy shit! Poor guy! Teeth suck. Infected teeth suck. Only 10 days and he’ll be pain free. Hope the meds help until then.

  6. zee

    Oh poor Ethan! I’m sending him lots of hugs.
    Sucks, cause 10 days is a long time me, I can only imagine what that means for both of you. Unless the swelling goes down and he starts feeling better, which I’m hoping for.

  7. dawn

    Poor baby! He’s still adorable even with the big cheek. What a trooper.
    Things you probably already know. If the doc didnt give him anything for pain..You should give tylenol and then 2 hours later, give him motrin, then in 2 hours give him another dose of tylenol (cause by this time it will be 4 hours since he’s had tylenol) and so on and so forth.
    Also, wetting a tea bag and getting him to bite down on it, (not hard of course) the tanic acid in tea bags will help the tooth. Ice not heat. Rinsing with salt water will help keep the infection down. Gee, I did learn learn something from my time in dental school. :o)
    I hope he feels better soon. I’d bring him popsicles if I lived closer.

  8. mikey

    damnnnnnn. hope E is ok now…
    but hey, i gotta say, those pictures? remind me of that Verizon commercial where a camper gets bitten by a bug, and nobody wants to call for help because it’s during peak hours…

  9. wendi

    poor kid. I know it sucks been there done that. so glad he is on antibiotics! I know he will be feeling better soon.

  10. Vickie

    Ok, listen, now I know this was intended to be a serious post and I DO feel sorry for him and I DO feel your mothering pain and all that… but the part where you typed, “I must be retarded because I thought that meant they’d call you right back when they said they’d call you right back”…
    What a way with words you have in the middle of all these crises LOL
    NEVER a dull moment on this blog!!!

  11. shy me

    oh poor sweetie! what a trooper… and you’re totally right to freak out… I don’t know how anyone, especially a mother would do anything but freak out!
    i hope you’re both feeling better soon. Hug him for me ok?

  12. Mrs Darling

    I s he living in intense pain for 10 days? If he is I wouldn’t stand for it. There is nothing like a toothache. I’d sooner have a baby than a bad toothache I kid you not. Gosh, I hope he’s not in a lot of pain. Poor, poor baby. I can’t even bear the thought. I take my kids in for teeth cleaning and xrays every six months. I had such bad teeth experiences growing up that I NEVER want my kid to grow through that. Of course we’re fortunate to have a good dental plan otherwise I dont know what I’d do.

  13. Y

    He’s not in pain anymore, now that the antibiotics have kicked in.
    I take my kids every six months for their checkups, cleanings and any work that needs done, this was a freak thing. His molar is growing in, but the baby tooth hasn’t come loose yet, so, that’s the problem. It’s trying to push its way in…. I don’t want people thinking that I don’t take care of my kids teeth!!!
    Also, they have to wait til the swelling goes down before they can do the work, the numbing meds won’t work with the swelling. He’s not in pain anymore, now that the antibiotics kicked in…

  14. Mrs Darling

    I hear ya Yvonne. I didn’t for one minute think that a mom like you wouldnt be taking care of their kids teeth. I’m just sayin’ that we didn’t have insurance as kids so we never went to the dentist until we were in so much pain we like to have died.
    Your love for your kids is obvious in every post. You need a badge for being one of the worlds greatest moms!
    I’m so relieved he’s not in pain!

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