Weeping cheese

That’s me and my boys at 4am this morning.
They left for a weekend camping trip with their dad.
I can’t believe how incredibly sad I feel at this moment.
An entire weekend without my boys. Last night, after dealing with hours of listening to them fight, you think I’d be happy! You think I’d be all “yay! an entire weekend of no fighting!” But I’m not.
I could have went with them, but I didn’t think Gabby would like sleeping in a cold tent.
Wow, I can’t believe how incredibly easy it was to blame it on Gabby. Even easier than blaming her for my farts. The truth is I hate camping. H-A-T-E I-T. I wouldn’t hate it if we had a motor home. A warm place to sleep where you can lock the door and pee on a clean toilet. But sleeping on the ground with the possiblity of a bear or snake creeping up on you?
No thanks.
I’ll probably regret it one day. Not going and enjoying the great outdoors with my family. Infact? I’m regretting it this very minute.
Because I already miss them.
I cried when they drove off, I’m still crying now, and I’ll probably still be crying when I crawl into my bed tonight without getting kisses from the three boys who I love the most.
When I wrote that? I had been up since 4am. And I was tired.
I think The Tired clouded my feelings.
I mean, I miss them quite a bit. And I sort of wish I was there with them.
I don’t have to cook for three days!
I don’t have to clean up after anyone but me and Gabby!
I don’t have to break up any fights!
I don’t have to hear the phrase “I’m bored”!
I don’t have to threaten to “sell a playstation2 on ebay”!
Just me! And Gabby! And a $20 bill! All weekend long!
What a difference 2 hours of sleep make.

8 thoughts on “Weeping cheese

  1. melly

    Now you know how I feel. Every morning is like all five of you going off to camp without me! Or something along those lines … Anyways, WHY AM I NOT IN ANY OF THE FAMILY PORTRAITS? Riddle me that! … or something.

  2. angie

    I love how much you love your family! Peace and quiet is good though. Sometimes. You and Gabby should have a farting contest. Or some more simultaneous poops. Try to enjoy your weekend.

  3. Stacey

    Aww Yvonne, you’ll have a nice quiet weekend with Gabby, and you can nurse your boobie back to health. 😉
    I hope you have a good weekend, and I hope the weather is better than it is here…;)

  4. Mrs Darling

    You can get air mattresses and little heaters for your tent. And you can sleep near the bathrooms although thats not a good idea becasue then you can hear everyone else. But sometimes camping is not so bad.

  5. Catharina

    “threaten to sell a playstation2 on ebay”…haha, love that. back when i was little, it was just “i will put all your toys in a garbage bag and throw them away”…at least now the parents could make some money. haha. my how times are changing…

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