My Treasure

My daughter.
Your beauty takes my breath away.
Your smile humbles me.
Your laughter heals my aching heart.
Your hand, when it touches mine, melts away the hardness of my heart.
Your kisses sweeten the bitterness within.
Your tears are raindrops to my wilted soul, softening me with each drop that falls.
Your existence is proof that there is a God, that He loves me, and that He knows me better than I know myself.
You, my sweet Gabriella, are my saving grace.
I love you.

13 thoughts on “My Treasure

  1. zee

    You took my breath away! I don’t think crying is the best way for me to start my day, but after reading this, well, my opinion has changed. And what a beautiful, beautiful picture! Bless you, and thank you!

  2. hed

    She is absolutely beautiful, and that’s a fantastic picture! Anyone would be blessed to be in her presence. She’s darling!

  3. Beth

    That’s so lovely. She’s a very lucky little girl to be loved so much, and despite her being too young to know it consciously, I have no doubt she feels that love intuitively every day. You’re a great mom.
    You did, of course, leave out the farting, and I think that’s kind of an important element in your relationship. ;^)
    No, seriously, that’s beautiful. I hope you keep this and show it to her many times as she gets older so she always knows how much you love her, and how blessed she is to have a mother who knows how to say it. *hugs*

  4. Kristy

    What a beautiful little girl. She’s blessed to be loved so deeply by such an amazing mommy.

  5. becky

    that is a breathtaking photo, y. you’re getting pretty good at that and whatever photo program you’re using.
    she’s a beautiful little girl.

  6. Petite Mommy

    Just beautiful! I find myself coming back to your blog everyday to see your photos.
    * FYI for those of you wanting to do some quick & easy stuff to your photos. Download Picasa from google . Its Free and easy to use.

  7. dana michelle

    Ok. A couple entries back, you had me laughing, and now you made me all weepy. Not only is that a really awesome photo, what you wrote it truly beautiful. Print out that picture with the text and put it into an album that you can give to Gabby when she’s older. She will treasure it forever.
    You are one extraordinary woman, Y!

  8. Dizzy Girl

    God Bless Mommy and Match Box Cars…

    Late late late…what’s new new new?em> Real World – I finally picked up my tickets to the Kix 96 Country Fest. I’m really excited! I’m not a huge fan of Jo Dee Messina, but I do love me some Mark…

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