Pigtailed Cheese

Today I put pigtails in Gabby’s hair.
That may not be a big deal to anyone else, but to me? It was a HUGE deal.
As a young girl, I would dream of what it would be like to do my future daughter’s hair. I loved braiding hair and became quite good at it. I used to tell people “My daughter will have the most beautiful hair all of the time!”
Then, I had 2 boys. People would ask us if we were going to try for a girl. In the back of my mind, I’d think maybe, but I’d always respond with “No! We are done having kids. Besides, I don’t want t girl! They’re too much trouble. The years went by and we decided we didn’t want anymore children.
Two was MORE than enough.
Little did I know that one night, the rhythm method that I had relied on and trusted for so many years would fail us and we’d end up with the little girl I never thought I’d have.
And today, my husband held that little girl in his arms as I parted and twisted her hair. As soon as I put the first rubberband on, I felt the tears filling my eyes.

“I feel so dumb, but I’m TOTALLY CRYING!” I said to my husband.
“It’s ok. She’s your girl, she’s beautiful.”
I just stood there crying and laughing and saying “OH my GOD, she’s precious! LOOK AT HER PIGTAILS! MY DAUGHTER HAS PIGTAILS!”
Maybe that makes me a “little psycho”. A little “too emotional”, a little “too cheesy.”
But it also makes me a mother who is very much in love with the daughter she never thought she’d have and how those silly little pigtails reminded this woman of her childhood dreams of a little girl with pigtails, and how that dream came true when she least expected it.

24 thoughts on “Pigtailed Cheese

  1. Kristina

    Awww I can totally feel you on this. When Megan was at that stage where she actually had enough hair and I was able to do the same thing I cried too. It’s a huge milestone. Especially after having my son and being told I wouldn’t ever be able to have anymore cause his birth was traumatic. Then here came little Megan. Little girls are the best. And she is absolutely cute as a button!

  2. Stacey

    No way dude, not emotional.
    I can’t wait until the day I can put Cae’s hair in pigtails, I’ll probably cry too. It’s so cute, how can you NOT?!

  3. Jennifer

    Loving the pigtails… But what *I* want to know is, HOW CAN YOU STAND THE GUMMY SMILE? That child would be so squished in my presence.

  4. Tammy/averagemom

    She looks so adorable! I totally sobbed when I put Aidan’s hair into pigtails the first time. I also took about a dozen pictures! Now, it’s long and thick, and I braid it, tie it up, all that fun stuff. But I hardly ever take the time to notice, because it’s old news. I better go look, I think she’s probably still cute and I needed the reminder! Thanks!

  5. Laurel

    Oh my god that picture is so sweet my teeth hurt. Your daughter is sooooo cute! Almost makes me want one of my own…Almost!

  6. dawn

    Oh Yvonne. She looks adorable. I swear she gets cuter and cuter everyday!! That’s not silly at all, in fact I had the same reaction when my daughters hair was finally long enough to do something with. Your tears just show your amazing love for your daughter. What a sweet entry.

  7. lex

    I feel the same way about doing my little girl’s hair. She’s 3 and today, I got teary eyed too at her pigtails! What better reason for a few tears, than the beauty of your precious baby girl!!!

  8. Mona

    Oh my God she’s sooooooo beautiful 🙂 and I’m telling you she’s the cutest baby in LA!

  9. NinaKaye

    That is SO CUTE!!! My baby girl had the little short pigtails just last summer. Now her hair is almost longer than mine. I want her to be a baby again!!!!

  10. Sandee

    I’m totaly crying….. Aren’t you glad that rhythm method failed? Thank you for sharing her with us 🙂 *hugs*

  11. justme

    OMG she looks so cute! I used to love playing with my girls hair. I had two girls first and the third was a boy. I sighed in relief by that time lol. No more pressure to braid etc lol. The girls are old enough to do most by themselves, but still come to Mama for help occasionally.

  12. Shaunta

    Ruby has this crazy hair that sticks straight up on the crown. I finally went out and bought some little thingies that were tiny enough to put her mohawk into a pigtail. OH MY GOD. I can’t believe that it was actually possible to make my baby even cuter! I’ll have to post a picture tonight.

  13. zee

    She is so adorable and beautiful!
    I cried when I made pigtails for my lil princess’ hair, so that’s mighty fine that you felt the same way, too.
    She is a blessing!

  14. Jen

    Gabby is just the cutest thing ever! Every time I see a picture of her on your site, I decide yet again I want to try one more time for a girl, lol.

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