To honor The Crazy, I will make sure I mention Tom in every post. (Tom is MAKING me do it)

Andrew is at an Angels (SUCK) game with his uncle.
Ethan is at the movie theatre with his dad.
I am at home all alone, finally able to rest after cleaning the house, whilst trying to keep Gabby from making more of a mess.

And? Trying to keep her from breaking and eating all of my cd’s.
I bet Tony thinks he is having more fun than I am.
HA! Nothing is more fun than trying to keep a snaggle toothed baby from eating my rather sucky collection of CD’s and having her YELL AT ME when I ask her nicely to “STOP PUTTING THOSE IN YOUR MOUTH, CHILD!”
Try not to be jealous because you’re wishing you were me right now instead of “out dancing” or “laughing it up whilst sipping on wine with friends” or “boinking” or “drinking down your vitamins with tom cruise.”
We can’t all live la vida loca like me. You know that.

11 thoughts on “To honor The Crazy, I will make sure I mention Tom in every post. (Tom is MAKING me do it)

  1. Kelly

    Damn, Y. You used the word “whilst” twice in one post. That’s mad skillz right there.
    Oh, and Tom can suck it.

  2. Chelle

    hate Tom Cruise?
    I can do that “whilst” I have such an exciting Friday night such as yours.
    Maybe if you yell, “TOMCRUISE!” she will stop eating your CDs. Well, it might at least confuse her for a moment whilst you divert her attention to something less crunchy.

  3. Shylah

    Hey, I’m livin’ la vida loca myself. Only mine is three years older than yours, and it’s video tapes and DVDs instead of CDs. She shoulda stopped this shit a long time ago.
    I’m with you on the Tom Cruise thing. Way, WAY overrated.

  4. Chuck

    That is why they make child locks for drawers Y. Frustrates the heck out of them to be able to open it only a 1/2 inch. And then you get some relaxing time whilst she tries different ways.

  5. Y

    Yeah, we are getting the locks today. We just didn’t realise we’d need them so damn early.

  6. Sarcastic Journalist

    Sorry, we play that game here as well. I also get screamed at by a baby. it ROCKS.
    She’s all up in my face like “aaaaahh!” when I say “Please stop shoving those hypodermic needles in your mouth, dear.”

  7. Mari

    Tom is gonna get his ass beat by a million of us women who “are supposed to take our vitamins.” Fuck Tom. He is an undercover turtle lover anyway.

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