I have been blessed

Today is the day that I celebrate the man who I made three beautiful children with. The man who goes to work everyday without complaining to provide for our children. The man who has taught my boys to respect women, to be responsible, to think for themselves, to be wise in the decisions they make. The man who has taught them all about fishing, how to load and shoot a rifle. The man who will stop whatever he is doing to fix a flat tire for his own boys or any of the 30 kids in the neighborhood, the man who will get up at 2am to clean vomit up after his boys didn’t make it to the toilet because he knows “his wife” has a weak stomach and can’t do it. The man goes without new clothes, who puts off getting new glasses that he desperately needs so that his children do not go without. The man who never had a father of his own to model himself after, but instead of being bitter, chose to become the best father he knew how to be.
He is AWESOME. My children are so blessed to have him for a father, and I feel so damn lucky to been the woman he chose to have children with.
Today is also the day that one of our children was born.
Eight years ago today, Ethan Michael came into our lives at 2:47pm. He was the funniest looking (to put it nicely) baby I had ever seen. Within a few months, he turned out to be one of the cutest babies in the history of babies and I have spent most my life trying to not bite and squeeze him to death, because he is THAT cute.
I’m trying really hard to not throw a tantrum like I did on Andrew’s birthday. It’s not easy, because I HATE how fast they’re growing. But that’s life. That’s how it works. You give birth, you do your best to raise them, and suddenly, you blink your eyes and they’re all grown up. It truly is bittersweet.

Happy Birthday, monkeybutt.
And finally, today is the day I celebrate my father. A man who loves God with all of his heart. A man who “practices what he preaches.” He loves his family and has made many sacrifices for us. My relationship with my dad wasn’t always a good one. There were many things I resented him for, but in the past few years, I’ve come to understand what a precious, amazing man my dad is. All of the things he did for us, he did from a place of love and wanting to protect us. He’s admitted and apologized for some of the ways he treated me as a teenager, and I have forgiven him. I understand he did the best he could and that he has always loved me deeply. He’s a man who is true to his word, a man who would give his last dollar to help a person in need. I love my dad and I’m so grateful for the relationship we have.

Happy Father’s Day.

16 thoughts on “I have been blessed

  1. Shylah

    That IS beautiful.. how sweet. Happy Father’s Day, Tony!
    Oh, and Y? That picture with your dad? Now you know what Gabby will look like in a year or so. The resemblance is incredible!

  2. mollie

    Awww this post almost made me cry. Ethan was an adorable baby! (still is now). You have such an awesome family.

  3. angela

    i have a pic of me with my dad just like that. except the bug is white!
    so cute, all of you!

  4. debutaunt

    When I’m feeling all sad and shitty, can you have your husband call me to cheer me up? Cos he seems like a good egg.
    Glad you had a good time. I celebrated father’s day (to myself – since I’m basically my childs mom AND dad) with a nice hangover and some hot memories of New Orleans.

  5. Dottie

    What a beautiful celebration of your husband and your Dad! My first baby boy turned 9 on Sunday, too! Where do the years go?

  6. Aitch

    OMG! You are Gabby as a baby… err I mean she is you! Congratulations and you are so very blessed to have all those awesome men (and almost men) love you.

  7. david

    I feel realy grateful right now…I have had abit of bad luck lately …I got a new job today after I lost the last one that I had gotten …REALY wanted it got it then f it up because I still had alcohal on my breath from the night before.it realy hurt me I need help but I am TO proud.I got a new job today .The guy who trained me is now finding god.He told me that he only found him 3 and a half months ago.The other guy in training withn me has known him/her all his life ……….AT the end of the day both of us were CHOSEN.After that my new boss told me on my way out TODAY HAPPEND FOR A REASON .we all came together for one purpose{more than work}it has realy lifted my spirits and given me faith .I love your story .it also gives me faith in what life has to offer ..
    pleas email me with encourgagement..I so need it
    thank you respectivly
    27 year old LOST

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