Can I have your attention please…

I’m officially obsessed with Flickr.
And I HAVE to thank Fiestydoll, again, for giving me a pro account.
(P.S.S the “notes” are one of the greatest inventions on the internets, and if you have a flickr account, I’m totally going to leave notes on your pictures, don’t be the dickhead that gets mad about it. Ok?)

20 thoughts on “Can I have your attention please…

  1. hed

    Well, now that I’m over the initial annoyance of used up bandwidth with pics that I accidentally uploaded multiple times, and have somehow acquired all this new storage space, I like it again, I think. Check it out if you want.

  2. Laura

    Isn’t Flickr so much fun?? I love that everyone seems to have it now! You’re a friend of mine, too – gotta check out that baby girl of yours!

  3. Shylah

    I recently opened a flickr account. I like that you can post a little info about each picture, and the slideshows are extra-bitchin.

  4. NinaKaye

    I like Flickr too, but hate that I live so far from civilization that I only have dial-up and can’t upload more pictures! I have tons of pictures I could upload…stupid slow internet.

  5. Y

    no. it’s not just you. but dude, let that be a lesson. when I speak, people listen.
    that’s right, i said it’s because of me..

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