Stop being embarrassing, mom!

In keeping with my new plan, which I like to call, “Operation Trying to be One Of Those Mom’s”, I decided to make my kids lunches this week, instead of forking over $23.50 for them to buy lunch.
What a stupid idea THAT was.

And that wasn’t the only stupid idea I’ve had this week.
I’m full of stupid ideas!
This morning, after I had made Ethan’s lunch, I opened up the drawer, pulled out a black sharpie and wrote his name.
But that’s not all I wrote.
Oh no it wasn’t.

Ethan The Great! I made him a super hero! All of his friends would be jealous because their mom’s never call them The Great! And Ethan would see it and be so happy! And proud! And he’d hug me and kiss me and tell me “thank you” for being such an awesome mom!
Stupid fantasies. The Reality went a little more like this.
“Ethan! I made your lunch! Wait til you see what I wrote on it!”
“You WROTE on it?”
“Well, yeah. I wrote Ethan the Great!”

And he didn’t. Well, not with the superhero name written on it, anyway.
I wonder how many more stupid ideas I’ll come up with before the week’s end?

7 thoughts on “Stop being embarrassing, mom!

  1. mollie

    Awww Yvonne I think its cute I would so carry that around. 😀 (if my name was ethan)

  2. Beth

    Well, dang. *I* thought it was a great idea. Guess your son is at the age when he needs to fit in at all costs. I remember being there when I was a kid, so I’m a tad afraid to think my son’s getting older. ;^) Making your kids’ lunches is way cool, though. You rock.

  3. angela

    my step-bitch used to make my lunches all the time. i stuffed them in my locker and bummed food off of all my friends. dude, my nickname was “the mooch”! then, one day, there was a trail of ants headed straight towards my locker…it was scary and gross in there.
    but i’m sure your ethan the great won’t do that…

  4. christina

    I liked your idea too! Sometimes when I put a banana in my 12 yr old’s lunch I write a message or a joke on it (the banana) with a pen. He and his friends think it’s hilarious.

  5. kristal

    My kids are SO uncool. I still write on all their bags. I started doing it so that I could tell the lunches apart and cut down on the fighting. But, now? They fight over who got the coolest writing. ‘You got two hearts and I only got one.’ lol…

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