Move along, nothing to see here.

Today, I broke a rule I made to myself. The rule of not engaging in “Drama”

I singled someone out, not because they didn’t kiss my ass, because I the tone of their comments touched a nerve.
I tried to email this person privately, but what do you know? fake email address.
I’m sensitive when it comes to my daughter and while I don’t think she had bad intentions with her original comment, the fact that she kept going and the fact that she insulted me about using “proper birth control” pissed me off and I acted on it without thinking.
I do NOT ban people who disagree with me. I had to ask a friend HOW to do it, infact. I only banned her because she was stalking my blog, and it creeped me out. (yeah, I can see how long you’re hanging around and how many times you’ve viewed my blog. 59 in 72 minutes? DAYUM)
I am sorry if I was harsh on Katie, that I singled her out and that it came to what it did. I really am. And I love that Mieke called me out on it. Yeah, it’s my blog and I can say or do whatever I want, but this is NOT what I wanted.
All I wanted to do was write a post about how totally in LOVE with my daughter I am.
That’s why I felt justified in writing what I did, because what I wrote wasn’t up for debate, it was me, simply stating my enormous love for my daughter.
I love Mieke and the fact that she’s completely honest with me. What she said made me think. I should have just let it go and let Katie be.
I’m sorry. And with a spray of The ‘Sol, I’m done.

22 thoughts on “Move along, nothing to see here.

  1. BillH

    Ya know, some people don’t understand that if a child has love from parents they are the richest children in the world. I’d be willing to bet the poster has no children of their own. Geez.

  2. Maddie

    I’m sorry this got turned on you. It’s hard to read, because I know the pure place where your post came from.
    That said, I’ve also been on the other side of the coin. I spoke my mind on someone else’s blog about something that struck a chord with me, and got my self attacked by someone with a popular blog and readers galore. That sucks too. You might know who I speak of 😉
    Anywhoo, all I’m saying is that I know it’s easy to get carried away with emotions when someone says stuff that is so, to- the- core different from the way we believe. The best thing to do, I’ve found is let it simmer. A few days later, things don’t sting as much.
    Just don’t give up on the blog cause of this. K?

  3. reese

    It can be hard to not engage in drama.
    But, I think you made one point in prior comments that was important: your method of birth control can be and is as effective as other types. Her assumption that you were being irresponsible wasn’t invalid and propogates negative and untrue hertics about natural family planning. One of the beauties of your method? On the rare occasion a couple does get pregnant on it, you get the “it must have been meant to be” notion that you and Tony have. I think that’s a wonderful thing.
    So yeah, that is all 😉

  4. chasmyn

    Why is it that there is always someone, no matter how beautiful and lovely a post is, that can manage to poop on it? Poop on them for doing that. I thought your gushing about Gabby was simply beautiful. And I love the photo of you and her together, too.

  5. Sandee

    You can’t please everyone Y! Just want you to know that you always put a smile on my face, you are funny, human & honest, that’s what makes me come back! Love ya!

  6. AYesha97

    I don’t quite remember how I originally came across your blog, but have been enjoying your outspoken posts (and I mean that in the best way possible). Its so refreshing to read something that comes from the heart (and the sarcasm is wonderful!). Anyone who has read just a bit of your blog can easily see how in love you are with Gabby.
    So this is me de-lurking and not really stalking (not too much anyways). I love the way that you write and look forward to seeing new posts from you. Please don’t let a few stop you from being you.

  7. fl0w3r

    While I haven’t used the Rythm Method for birth control…after a year and a half of trying to get pregnant, I did use it for assistance. I wouldn’t have thought the Rythm Method was reliable birth control until I got into it myself. The body tells us everything we need to know. I think disbelievers are mainly ignorant…once you start charting and paying attention to your body, you know that it is effective.
    So, as Reese said, it was meant to be if you got pregnant while using this method.

  8. vicki

    Y- I’m not sure you’ve ever been over to my blog but I drop by here frequently and comment once in a while on your lovely wild haired daughter. And we’ve laughed together at the G-Bash. Yesterday I came by, left and then dreamed about you. I’m a little hesitant to tell you so, but you’re in my post today…cheers!

  9. robynf

    I like the school of, whatever is meant to be will be. You were meant to use the Rhythm Method and you were meant to have a baby girl. I apparently am meant to use proper birth control, cause I ain’t gettin knocked up with non!
    Y, life without drama just wouldn’t be fun.
    love you

  10. bonnie

    You are magnanimous! I didn’t find you by accident–Vicki sent me! I shall read on down about you and your “joy”…

  11. Amy

    I think the issue with the Ryhthm Method is that many people think it is simply avoiding having sex 2 weeks after your period. That’s what we were taught it was in sex ed (and also taught it was ineffective). When the Rythm Method is used correctly–i.e. charting and all that, it’s very effective.
    In any case, kudos to you for apologizing! I loved the original post since it was effusive and full of love for Gabby. She is one lucky girl!

  12. Annika

    You know what I love about you? You are totally honest about your feelings. You were hurt, you said so. You decided you were overly dramatic, you said so.
    Let’s get that coffee next week.

  13. lex

    I once made a comment about my method of birth control on a popular forum and I got so much flack about it, I never went back. People saying I was “stupid” for not using a better method. Even though I prefaced the post by saying that for me, getting pregnant wouldn’t be a tragedy, just a change in planned timing. Still, you would have thought I was a 15 year old playing russian roulette by the response I got. Just stick to your guns, Y. Don’t let the trolls get to you.

  14. Petite Mommy

    I stop by your blog every few days to see what you and your daughter are up to. Im not sure if you have visited mine. I’m glad you worked everything out. I know what its like to be attacked by others on the Internet. Hang in there! Just remeber at the end of the day ALL that matters is how you feel about yourself and your family!
    Great blog! BTW, my almost 1 year old boy was totally unplanned and I can honestly say that you described the same feeling I had at first and he is the most amazing thing in the world to me! I think alot of us must have been pregnant and due around the same time… 🙂
    Have a wondeful evening!

  15. Y

    “I’m getting a web in my vagina”
    That is quite possibly the best comment I’ve ever seen.

  16. debutaunt

    Hey. You make good baby.
    Peeps be hatin on that.
    I’m going to swipe that can, btw. My blog is full of the douche right about now.

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