Quiet on the SET!

I just put up a new set of pictures at Flickr.
(pink bathing suit? FOUR DOLLAH at Old Navy. Ahhhh yeah)
I admit that I got so caught up in the picture taking, that at some point, I began “role playing” and my roll was that of a “professional photographer.” I don’t know what got into me! At one point during the “session”, I was on my knees, looking up, yelling at Tony to “Throw her higher, but wait til I say “TWO!”
I love LOVE how the pictures turned out. I should pretend to be a pro photographer more often, because, wow. I’m in love with “my work.”

22 thoughts on “Quiet on the SET!

  1. Sarcastic Journalist

    I’m reporting you guys for dropping the baby.
    Nah, man those are awesome. Can you take some for me? E loves to get thrown but I’m kind of the crazy mama whose like “um thats kind of high…”

  2. fl0w3r

    That is an awesome picture. The role-playing worked. In fact, it worked so well, I think you should consider photography as a career once the kids are all in school!

  3. debutaunt

    Can I squeeze her? Bring her here. She looks so cute and squishy.
    I want a $4 bikini. I think it would just about fit over one of my ass cheeks.

  4. GC

    Great pictures! How’d you get that “dreamy” quality on some of them? Was that in camera or post-processing?

  5. Sara

    I love them all. Especially the one with Andrew with his bike helmet on. Too cute.
    See, I totally do the “Profesh Photographer” thing too except with me as the model and a really shitty camera phone. And usually 3 drinks. I always think some really hot abstract picture is going to come up, but it’s usually just a very boring out of focus “shot” reminding me that I look retarded when trying to look serious and subtley seductive.
    But your stuff? beautimous.

  6. Lisa

    Y, your photos are simply wonderful! There’s so much emotion in them…they’re just a joy to view! 😀 Keep ’em coming!

  7. Empress

    I have ALWAYS thought that you are a spectacular photographer! I just love your pictures and I thank you for sharing them with us!

  8. Mona

    Wowwww Yvonne 🙂 All of those pics were beautifully taken, and Gabby is sooooooo cute! I was laughing about the pic where u commented about nose and boogers thingy hahahaaha!

  9. Lani

    Have to break my silence – yes, I’m a silent stalker – and let you know how awesome these pictures are!!! Will you give me lessons? Pretty please? Especially on how you blur the edges. I’d love to do the same with some of mine. Your daughter is beautiful.

  10. girl

    you can tell how much she loves her daddy. it’s so incredibly sweet! more pictures like these, please (but without the inside of Tony’s nose). 🙂

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