So, like, tell me doc, exactly HOW BIG do the balls swell?

The Pokey Strike WORKED!
The first thing Pighunter did when he got home from work today was called and made an appointment to get snipped!
Of course, he has to go to a class first (which, I get to attend! Oh, the fun I will have!) That class is booked until August, and we’re on a “waiting list”. But hey, at least he made the damn phone call.
Hopefully, before the end of the year, his penis will no longer be a Weapon of Mass Fertilaztion and he can “stuff my enchilada” as many times as he wants and… NO BABIES!
When he made the call, I just sat there thinking “Wow, he really DOES want to have sessual relations with me!”
I am THIS CLOSE to being able to have sex again without saying things like “I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU IF THAT THING BREAKS”
My vagina is so happy. (Yes, Melly, she’s smiling.)

15 thoughts on “So, like, tell me doc, exactly HOW BIG do the balls swell?

  1. kim

    congrats, Y! what a relieve that’s gonna be for you [and your vagina].. and the class sounds like FUN! maybe you can take pics of the “scared men”‘s faces for us? ;o)

  2. judy

    you have to go to a class??? mine just made an appointment the day my youngest was born, and viola 3 weeks later, snip snip.

  3. girl

    yeah, I’ve never heard of taking a “class” about the ol’ snip snip. is this a, “are you sure you wanna do this b/c the reversal procedure hurts like hell?” class or what?

  4. ben

    Isn’t that a commercial?
    “Happy Vaginas come from California.”
    Something like that.
    Congrats. Of course, I shoot blanks so I never had to have a knife near any delicate equipment (I’m not really bragging though, I’d rather it be the opposite)

  5. D

    Dude a class? For what? Now they’re gonna scare him away!
    No one I know has ever had to take a class o_0

  6. Heatheranne

    So that’s how you do it? I’ve been bugging my husband to get snipped for years. After all, it’s cheaper and easier to snip a guy.
    Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll babysit a really fussy baby all day. One that will scream non-stop so he won’t be able to get any work done. Then, that night I’ll explain the no sex until you get snipped rule. Brilliant.

  7. Sarcastic Journalist

    You GOT HIM TO CALL? ON THE PHONE? how does that work??
    also, i totally want my shit snipped BECAUSE I HATE BEING PREGNANT.
    So should I wait until my cooch explodes or get his pokey snipped now?

  8. chris

    A class?? If there were a class to go to my husband would probably decide it was easier to get a new wife 😉
    I had to call and make my husbands appointment for him. I also told the nurse that I want him to have the big V done naturally, no drugs. Really, it’s better that way. (joking)

  9. gc

    Congrats! I’m still working on getting my husband to do the same, especially now that my pills seem to be causing me more migraines than usual. Did you know you can die from a migraine? Yeah, I’m using that as leverage. Yes, I am evil.

  10. NinaKaye

    I wish my husband would get snipped. Right now I’m 2 days late, and while that’s not a lot, I’m paranoid. (and I don’t even remember having sex recently…not that it didn’t happen, I could have been asleep. hehe) We can’t afford birth control pills because our suck-ass prescription insurance doesn’t cover it (and we’re THAT poor), plus it makes me crazy, and I don’t enjoy being crazy (all the time).
    My point: I’m happy to hear he’s finally going to go through with it! (if the class doesn’t scare the crap out of him)

  11. Tammy/averagemom

    A class? Really? What will he learn? How to apply frozen bags of peas to his nuts? I am so glad Hubby didn’t have to do a class. The waiting list was 3 months long, but it was worth it!

  12. A~

    Got tubes cut/tied/burned at the insistence of my now-ex. Men are so lucky the procedure is much easier. So their balls hurt for a couple of days after. Oh, you might wanna advise hubby to wear an uh.. *cough* athletic supporter. He won’t want his shit rubbing against his legs in that condition. Heh.

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