How quickly the time passes and how easily I am reduced to a ball of cheese

I’m currently working on the details of Special Sauce’s first birthday party.
One year old.
In just two days my baby will be one.
Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was nothing more than a Panty sniffing, walking uterus?
Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was furiously rubbing my nipples trying to induce my labor?
(Before I continue with this post, I must interrupt to say something about that post I just linked. THAT POST is one of the reasons that I love my blog. Had it not been for this blog, I totally would have forgetten that my husband actually told weeks before I had my daughter that he wanted me to make sure I took a shower right before we left for the hospital so that his daughter would be born “out of a freshly clean twat.” How I have not yet ripped his balls from his body, I do now know. Ok, on with the post.)
Wasn’t it just yesterday I was pissing myself whilst walking at the mall trying to make the baby come out already?
The reality of a year having passed by so quickly is overwhelming me and I must warn you people. The Cheese? It is oozing from inside of me. This blog will be DRIPPING CHEESE, so if you don’t like The Cheese, or if you’re allergic to The Cheese? You might not want to visit for a while. Because it’s going to be All Cheese All The Time for a while.

(My God, how she’s changed in a year. How did two dorks like me and Tonito make such a beautiful girl?!)

26 thoughts on “How quickly the time passes and how easily I am reduced to a ball of cheese

  1. hed

    I often wonder the same thing about myself and Mr. Hed. We’re kind of an odd-pairing, oh, but we make pretty babies! One thing I have to say about Gabby… she is one of theee most beautiful creatures I’ve ever laid eyes on. And I know my babies! And you should totally dress her in lavender every day! That is her colour! Fabulous!

  2. Lucky

    YAY for first birthdays! Claire’s is tomorrow! I cannot believe it! Its gone so fast…I wish I could have slowed it at times, but then again, I see how much she is grown, changed…blossomed and I fall in love all over again 🙂
    Claire started walking last week and is babbling up a STORM! Is Gabby doing her version of the Frankenstein wobble yet? She’s simply adorable 🙂 Best of luck with birthday plans…enjoy it, I know I plan on doing the same with our special day!

  3. Kristina

    She’s so adorable. Megan’s bday is the 11th. Happy Birthday Gabby! 🙂 Hang in there Y. It is very emotional and I can’t believe my little girl is starting school on her birthday. Lol. I’ll be home all alone. Yay. But I also know the first day I think I’ll cry all the way home.

  4. mmc

    The cheese is the best! Our screensaver is pics from our archives, and so it will randomly pick out shots from the last 10 years. Sometimes I will sit for way too long just watching the photos of my beautiful boys as they’ve grown, and they both are mesmerized by it. Today it had a couple pics of my older son at about 7 months, and there I was holding this 2.5 year old. He’s such a PERSON now….. Enjoy it!

  5. Mrs. Flinger

    Hi, I came from michaela’s blog. I have a girl turning one in three months. It seems like it’s coming up too fast, but your post cracked me up and made me realize how emotional it all is. What a lovely lil’ girl you have! They DO change so much, don’t they!?

  6. Tammy/averagemom

    Oh.My.God. Those pictures. How do you not eat her right up every day? She just looks so…kissable, and hugable, and I just want to lick her cheeks!
    (Please do not be afraid of the crazy internet lady licking your child. I swear, I’m harmless. The meds are helping…)

  7. justme

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABBY! What a beautiful, happy, lucky little girl she is. Bring on the cheese!

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