I have a dilemma.

August 3, my daughter turns a year old. August 8, my husband turns 40. Two very “big, important” birthdays. I want them both to be celebrated, but not sure how to make it happen.
Here’s what I’m thinking about doing.
Combining them.
Like, inviting all of our friends for Tony and all of the family for Gabby (and Tony, of course) and having it at the park with music and games (horseshoes, volleyball etc for the adults) then, having a cake with a picture of the two of them on it, saying something clever about the two of them on it (but, not being clever, I have no idea exactly WHAT it would say)
Is that stupid? I mean, is it mean to not let them each have their own day? I think I could make it really special, but then again, I think I’m funny and most people don’t agree.

27 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. melly

    Fuck that! Fukktonie is old! He had his turn! It’s all about Princess G, now.
    Don’t tell him I said that, or anything.

  2. Cindy

    I think that whatever you do for Gabby will be fine, and if having a party like that for Tony is something HE would enjoy…then by all means, go for it! I think it sounds like a fun, memorable day!

  3. julie

    As someone who has a family members with 3 birthdays in one week-bro, niece, and nephew (bro’s kids)-please take my advice and combine them. Just make them separate cakes. Your family will thank you. And your husband, I’m sure, will completely defer to your daughter when it comes to the festivities (as my bro does).

  4. Beth

    Combining them sounds wonderful! If you still aren’t sure, why not ask Tony what he thinks, as I’m sure Gabby won’t care one way or the other? ;^)

  5. Jenn

    That is one beautiful photo! I don’t see any harm in combining the party . She will be the attention stealer either way. As it should be.

  6. Y

    Well, because I want to surprise him with it, which, now that I think about it, will be hard to do because he’s going to want to see the invites. Grrrr.

  7. Tammy

    A good friend of mine had her hubby’s 40th bday the same as her daughters 1st bday. She sent out these really cute invites with a picture of both her daughter and her hubby. It was a lual theme she had her daughter in a grass skirt. It was a really great party celebrating both milestones. I think it would be BIG fun. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Sarcastic Journalist

    i do not like combining friends and family so i’m not the one to ask. damn, i dont even like combining family and family. that’s why my child gets three parties so i dont have to put people together.

  9. ratty

    melly, you stinker! old people need parties, toooo!
    combine ’em now, while you can 🙂
    jocelyn’s birthday is the day after christmas and, until she figured it out, for the first few years she had a party sometime in january.
    i’m sure tony would gladly share his birthday with his little angel 🙂

  10. gc

    Maybe you can have the party in the park be for Gabby only and have a surprise adult dinner party for Tony later?

  11. Vickie

    Personally the idea of birthday parties for anybody under the age of three is totally absurd to me, and if you ask any adult who GENUINELY TELLS THE TRUTH (especially men they’ll tell you the same thing and if they don’t they’re liars 🙂 They’re out of control nuts with the cost and the kid doesn’t have a clue in hell about what is going on.
    Combine them. All Gabby will care about is playing with the wrapping paper anyway and Tony will be pleased that his daughter is part of his day.

  12. Tanya

    I think you’re good with combining them until she’s like three, as long as Tony doesn’t mind.
    And that picture is gorgeous. (I think I’ve said that before, but it still is.)

  13. Linda B

    That sounds really fun. I know a first birthday is really important but you don’t have to feel bad because you know she won’t remember. As long as the day is fun, I think your husband and baby will both be happy.
    BTW – Gabby is a doll! She needs to be friends with my baby girl

  14. Jenna

    I know if I was in your shoes I would combine them. The way you’ve described Tony, it doesnt sound like he’d mind at all, probably be elated. Of course, as its been said already, you’re daughter is too young to actually realize that it’s her birthday. As for the cake thing, I would say get two medium sized cakes, one for each of them, rather than one large combined cake.

  15. Lizard Queen

    I would totally combine them…as for 2 cakes…eehhh…as long as you have a little cake for Gabby to destroy on her own, just have a big old cake with their pics on it…don’t let Tony see all the invites, just the ones for her party…and as for the pic of the two of them on the cake, that’d be awesome…but I’m coming up blank on what it could say…Maybe something like Two Wonderful Joys, One Great Party…Happy Birthday Tony and Gabby and put a 40 under his name and a 1 under hers?? or something about Daddy’s little girl or awww hell I don’t know…I’m sure you could come up with something great!

  16. cindy

    I think the really big combo party outdoors sounds fun.
    The slip of paper insert is a great idea, that way you can still surprise him! Its a win-win.

  17. Hed

    That sounds like a good idea to me, unless he likes those cheezy over the hill parties where everyone wears black. Those suck in my opinion. I would just ask him what he wants to do.

  18. daisy

    My husband’s bday is one day before our daughter’s. They have always had a combined day and he hasn’t ever said he minded…even on the “big” occasions.

  19. steph

    I think combining them is a great idea, and that you can definitely still get away with the surprise part of it for Tony by just having him think it’s going to be Gabby’s party. A first birthday party is mostly for the rest of the family to enjoy anyway, and from how you speak of Tony, I think he’d love to share his day with his little girl.

  20. Macca

    I think he’d be proud to share his day with his daughter’s day. Plus, it’s one less special day you have to arrange.
    I like the idea of making it a surprise for him too. Very clever, World Wide Web.

  21. Paula

    I think one party is a great idea. One cake would be cute, but two cakes would be special as well.
    Whatever you decide, have fun!

  22. missy

    I say combine them. If its going to be a surprise for Tony too, just let him see the invites for Gabby, and then before sending them, include a note in each envelope stating that its also a surprise for tony’s 40th. I’d do the combined picture cake for the adults, but also get Gabby a tiny cake to destroy, thats where the good pictures come from! BTW, that is the most adorable picture of the two of them!

  23. trb

    I say combine them too. My daughter’s b-day is two days after mine and it gave me a good excuse to include a few fun refreshments at her first birthday!

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