I might even have a drinky!

Getting ready to go out is easy when you literally only have ONE thing that fits you.
I only mention “going out” because… I’M GOING OUT TONIGHT!! With a friend! No kids! To see Jamie Kennedy at the Improv! DID YOU HEAR THAT?! I SAID I’M GOING OUT TONIGHT!
I’m trying to play it cool and not act too excited about this, but… I’M GOING OUT TONIGHT! WITH A FRIEND! NO KIDS! TO SEE JAMIE KENNEDY!
I hope he doesn’t suck, because, man, I painted my toe nails for him!
I should finish getting ready now, because, I’M GOING OUT TONIGHT!

13 thoughts on “I might even have a drinky!

  1. clickmom

    I have signed on to spend 2 straight months in a cabin on a lake with my 3 kids. Please….I need details, all the details, am living vicariously through you, and am in great envy of your evening out.
    Hope you enjoyed.

  2. Renee

    Lucky you!!! Please don’t forget to post about it. I am soo jealous! I haven’t been out without kids in a long long long time!

  3. Kristina

    Jay sucks anyhow! Lame tired ass jokes he tells.
    Y, you will love Jamie Kennedy. He is hilarious. Not only that but he is funny in person too. Real nice guy, laid back and very personable.

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