The Power of two teeth and squinty eyes

My daughter has learned to use her “Charm” to get what she wants.
A talent that I have never been able to master.
Perhaps it’s because I do not possess the Gift of Charm, (not to be confused with the Gift of Farting on Command, because that gift? I totally possess.)
This little girl, however, is bursting with charm.
And MAN, does she know how to work it.
She was outside watching her daddy “clean the rocks” he was going to use in the planter out front. She gradually made her way to the bucket full of water and rocks and started touching them.
“Awww” I said, “She’s helping her daddy! How cute! I MUST GO GET THE CAMERA!”
By the time I came out, she had decided she wanted to eat the rocks and bite them with the only two teeth she has.
“No! Don’t put those in your mouth, Mimi.” I said firmly.
Apparently, in baby talk, “no” means “again! do it again!” because the second Tony took one rock out of her mouth, she immediately grabbed another one and shoved it in her piehole as fast as she could.
“G-a-b-r-i-e-l-l-a-m-e-r-c-e-d-e-s, No!” I said even more firmly then the first time.
What does the girl do?

That. That’s what. Everytime we told her no.
And that’s what she does everytime we try to “discipline” (I use the term loosely) her.
Me: “No!”
Me: “Gabby! Stop!”
Me: “Biting’s not nice! Be nice!”
Her. (as she bites)
The girl is good. Really good.
Too bad for her, it’s only going to work for SO LONG on me, but her dad? She’ll have him snowed for the rest of his life. I can already tell you people that I’ll be the parent she hates because “I’m mean.” “I never let her do anything” “I always say ‘no’!” “I wrote about her farting on the internet!”
But Dad? Dad will be the hero that saved her from The Mean Mommy.
I can not WAIT to see how right I am on this one.

11 thoughts on “The Power of two teeth and squinty eyes

  1. ishouldbeworking

    If she’s anything like mine, it’s already happened. My daughter has had her dad wrapped around her little finger since Day 1. Red hair and big blue eyes-all she has to do is look at him the right way and he is putty in her hands. She is now 11 and since we are heading into the “preteen” stage, it is becoming very apparent that she fully intends to play Bad Cop vs Good Cop with the 2 of us. I’m bucklin’ my seatbelt for a very bumpy ride!

  2. Chewie

    oh my WORD…her cuteness is making me ACHE…what a hoot!
    We have a is our second of four kids…he does a sort of wide eyed slack jawed face and blinks deliberately…and the whole world goes “awwwwwwwwwwww” and gives him WHATEVER HE WANTS. He never has to utter a word. I’m serious.
    You are so blessed…screw the not having a house, you have the CUTENESS of all cutenesses IN YOUR LIFE.

  3. Beth

    You’re obviously hilarious when you say no. How do you do it? ;^)
    (I bet those smooth, cool rocks are super-interesting and feel great on her gums!)

  4. wendi

    yup i know what you mean about the charm. I do not posses it but the daughter does. and shge uses it all the time on the hubby. Me it does not work anymore. i even tell hubby whats going on but he never sees it. go figure!

  5. Lindy

    Awww, Y, she’s just precious with her little ponytail & 2 teeth. Looks like she’s about to cute some more there too. You are sooo great how could she not love you? I’m the mean memaw but mine still say “Memaw, I just love you sooo much.”

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