But if you call this a “Mommy Blog” I’ll Whip ’em out and squirt you.

A couple days ago, I wrote about how captivated I am with my daughter. From the first moment I saw her, I thought she was absolutely precious. However, now that her little personality is shining through so brightly (cheese) I find her to be EVEN MORE beautiful. And you know what that means, right? That means I can not stop taking pictures of her.
As if the constant picture taking wasn’t annoying enough, I can’t stop kissing her and biting her cheeks. I’m afraid I’ll accidently hurt her. The biting has to stop. I can stop the biting, but I can NOT stop with the pictures.

I realize that I’m being incredibly annoying, I do, but, that’s the great thing about this being MY blog that I PAY FOR. I can write about her and post pictures of her all day long if I wanted to! And maybe I WILL! Gosh!
And now, to balance out all of The Gabby. I give you, The ‘Hawks…

23 thoughts on “But if you call this a “Mommy Blog” I’ll Whip ’em out and squirt you.

  1. Beth

    I wouldn’t trade my boy for the world, but that sure is one cute little girl you have there. 🙂 You go ahead and post as many photos as you want!

  2. vickie

    Those are the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen on a one-year old.
    🙁 Now I’m crying again. Empty nest syndrome and all I’m doing is remembering mine when they looked like her.

  3. angie

    That is officially my favorite picture of Gabby so far! She really does take my breath away every time you show new pictures like that. I’ve shown her off at work, too. She is just so beautiful and gorgeous!!
    Love the ‘hawks!

  4. Dr. jenny lee

    what? no “i’m a professional photographer” moments with the faux-hawx? they should be rocking it out with air guitars….go!! don’t just sit there!! i’ll wait.

  5. Y

    Philip? good one. HA!
    And Dr. J.lee? I was TRYING to be one, but they weren’t having it. Why do you think Ethan’s face is like that. He was REFUSING TO POSE.

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