Confessing and Professing

I am not ashamed of my Love of Reality T.V. Neither is COOKAAAAY. We confess it, we talk about, we are completely open and honest about it, we get excited about it.
But mostly? We laugh really hard about it.
Sometimes, you can actually learn from it.

I was one of “those people” who believed that Whitney Houston was “WAY too good” for Bobby Brown.
But then? This little gem aired on television and suddenly, I found myself saying things like “leave her skanky ass, Bobb-ay! Find a woman who appreciates you! One who does not blow you off and roll her eyes at you! Find someone who gets “her hair did” and puts on make up every once in a while!” God, I love that show. I mean, were it not for that show, I’d have never known that Bobby Brown had to dig shit out of Whitney Houstons ass. You wanna “dance with somebody” now? DO YOU?
How did I ever live without My Reality TV?
I know some people like to mount their High Horses and say things like “It’s not even REALITY! It’s totally manipulated! There’s nothing ‘real’ about it!”
To them I say “SO?” And then, I push them off of their horse. I do not care about that as I’m watching Kathy Griffin’s parents pretending like their “fans” buying her dvd because only 4 people showed up to her “in store dvd signing?” That’s awesome television and I’d much rather watch THAT then watch Marge Whateverherlastname and her jacked up lips solve some “imaginary crimes”. borrrring.
I’d much rather watch Gary FREAKING Busey fighting with The Snapple Lady then watch Martin Sheen “pretending” to be The President.
I don’t watch every reality show that’s out there, but I am pretty sure I watch most of them.
The Amazing Race, Survivor, Intervention, Airplane, Queer eye for the straight guy, Family Plots, Average Joe, Celebrity Fit Club, Surreal Life, I want to be a Hilton (I know), American Idol, The Apprentice, The Real World, Road Rules, Battle of the sexes, Big Brother, Blow Out (again, I know, but seriously? The Crying Hairdresser was awesome), Trading Spouses, Wife Swap, Trading Spaces, A Baby Story, Punked, America’s Next Top Model, Strip Search, MR.ROMANCE!! (only the greatest reality show in the history of reality shows!)… And these are the ones I can think of off as I type. I’m sure there are more.
See? Love? And, see? Not ashamed.
You shouldn’t be ashamed either.

19 thoughts on “Confessing and Professing

  1. tammy

    I love the Kathy Griffin show. I watched it for the first time last night and cracked up. The stuff about Oprah was priceless.
    Amazing Race is coming back soon, too!
    But nothing beats Whitney and Bobby. They have to be editing out her crack sessions.

  2. angie

    One more reason why I love coming here, Y. We are kindred spirits, but you’d never know it by reading my blog. 🙂

  3. Aitch

    Me love reality TV too! But I cannot believe you are not watching Growing up Gotti, Big Brother (Best Ever!), Kill Reality, American Princess or So, you think you can dance. Something’s wrong with you if you don’t watch those ones!!

  4. NinaKaye

    I LOVE reality shows too! Last night, I told my husband “well, Big Brother and The Real World come on tonight so you can do whatever you want.” He said “double fuck!” He hates them! But then I see him straining to see what’s going on!

  5. etherian

    I loved Hell’s Kitchen (and demmit! missed the final episode) I watch the Apprentice, Kill Reality, Surrela Life (and I will be watching the new “spinoff” Beauty & the Brady).
    My husband thinks my brain is turning to mush.

  6. Kat

    OMG, I LOVE celebrity fit club. Did you ever see that other reality show with Gary Busey? It was total greatness. And I’ve watched so many baby stories that I can tell when it’s a repeat. So sad.

  7. Maddie

    Oh man, them Gotti boys make me want to do naughty, naughty things. If I was fifteen…nevermind.
    But yeah Stacey, Bobby had to dig shit out of Whitney’s ass one time cause she was constipated and what not. Thas LOOOVE.
    And Y, I was one who also thought Whitney was too good for Bobby, now I wanna hug him and hook him up with one of my cuzins.

  8. Sara

    People seem to either love reality tv or hate it. How could anyone hate it? I really don’t know what I’ll do if it ever loses its flavor. It’s so damn funny and it makes me feel like I have total permission to criticize the show and people in it…it’s like interactive entertainment.

  9. girl

    I love Family Plots, yo. I always feel so morbid watching it, though. oh, and btw, it’s AirLINE. 😛 get your reality TV titles right, WOMAN!

  10. Y

    Hey girl… BACK OFF!!!! haha, oh, the memories.
    Damn it, I can’t believe I put “airplane”. Oh well, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEANT!

  11. lex

    Reality Shows are my total guilty pleasure! LOVE THEM! Addicted now to Kathy G! I want to be her best friend. And now for a fun fact, I went to high school with a current reality TV star and I just love watching the show she’s on. (Cryptic enough?) hee!

  12. Lori

    Hi-my name is Lori, and I am a reality TV junkie….
    I’m so glad you are finally admitting your problem, now give me the TV Guide!

  13. stinkerbelle

    i have two words for whitney & bobby – NO CLASS.
    but i watch every damn show. also, airline, the surreal life, growing up gotti, the apprentice, just to name a few.

  14. amy

    Reality TV junkiues – UNITE!
    I love it too, Y. LOVE love LOVE it! Bravo is giving network TV a run for it’s money with their reality programming. It is awesome. Kathy Griffin is a genius. I wish her show was longer – it kills me to wait a week to see another episode.
    My husband and I constantly quote Jonathan Antin. “I’m all about the hair. Babe hair.” Did you not want to piss yourself when got all high and mighty? He cried! He proposed to his baby-momma Sessy (that name?! I am sure is his way of convincing himself that she is Sexy – cause she is a mousy lookin’ chic) I luvred it! He even got all pissy at the advertising guy at the reunion. G-KNEE-US!
    Whitney and Bobby: I have no words. It is a phenomenon. I think my daughter’s next phrase is going to be: “Uh, Hell to the NO!” Bobaay!!!!!!!!
    PS: If you want to get a good BB6 synopses, go to Melly. She bought the live feed too. This is the best season ever – by far.

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