“Do you put cat shit in your tacos?”

Thanks to Fiona and Flipp-ay I had the greatest night at the Improv and they know what I mean and why I owe it all to them.

Todd Glass, man. I’m kind of in love with him. I think you should all go to his website, email him and tell him how much I love him and maybe, just MAYBE if you do that? He’ll kiss me on the cheek and let me take a picture of him whilst hugging him tightly.
Oh, wait. Nevermind. HE ALREADY DID THAT.
HAAAAA. Man, that was a good one.

No comedian has ever made me laugh the way He does. He’s so spastic and random and SQUISHY and I just want to hug him and take a picture with him. Oh WAIT.

Haaaa. But seriously folks.
Know who else was there? DO YOU? Gary Gulman, that’s who. Man, is he hot. Hot and hilarious. And man, I am tempted to make everything a joke because I just got back from A COMEDY CLUB! I seriously hear applause after every line I write that I think is funny and it’s cracking me up.
And that aint the “Sex on the stage” talking either. That’s ALL me.
But seriously, folks. Gary Gulman.

The chick in the picture was funny. Too bad for her I only fall in love with a.k.a “stalk” male comedians so, I can’t remember her name. She’s cute though, isn’t she? I didn’t even notice til just now. Weird.
I’m going to mosey (MOSEY!) on down to my bed now, but before I do, I want to thank everyone for the emails asking about Gabby. She’s doing much better, the x-rays came out clear (and, for the “record” when I saw her little heart in the x-ray? I cried. It was beautiful. ) and we’re managing the symptoms with steriods and albuterol. It’s awesome that you care.
Thank you and GOOD NIGHT!
p.s. there’s a very good chance this post will be deleted and re-written in the morning. VERY GOOD chance.

20 thoughts on ““Do you put cat shit in your tacos?”

  1. FlippyO

    Don’t delete it. Looks like you had fun. I want to run my fingers through Gary Gulman’s hair, even though I have no idea who he is.
    Todd Glass is playing here in Vegas, but he’s opening for David Spade. I only like David Spade in very small increments, so tell your comedy boyfriend that he needs to play his own show here. My venue of preference is The House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. Make it happen, baby. Hey, maybe he could play the HOB for the Ladies O’ Blogging Drinking & Hanging Out Conference.

  2. Mellissa

    Don’t rewrite it! I’m glad you had such an awesome time. What does Tony think of your male comedian fetishes? :o)
    Sooooo glad Gabby is doing better!

  3. Fiona

    you look AWESOME….love the colours in your top
    never mind Todd Glass *L*…you and your man look terrific
    am soooooo glad you guys had a good time
    and way to go Gabby…atta girl *S*

  4. kim

    man, you DO look awesome. it’s always great to see your amazing smile (now i sound like i have a crush on you even though i’m straight AND in love with a man. so don’t worry) i’m just rying to say that it’s great to see you smile and happy and that post just made me smile and buddah, allah, god, whoever… knows i NEED A SMILE right now.
    PS: i love that shirt. where did you get it???

  5. geeky

    what in the world do you do that you get to meet all of these comedians?! it looks like you had an awesome time, and i’m glad gabby is feeling better.

  6. chasmyn

    I’m so glad Gabby is okay. Phew!
    Looks like you had a great night, and I am in total agreement that Gary is a hottie. Did he perform, too?

  7. Laura

    Don’t delete it! Don’t rewrite it! It’s perfect just the way it is. I’m so glad to hear you got out and had a great time!!

  8. Julia

    I totally just noticed that you have Dane Cook listed in the “Funny People”. You rock. He’s my absolute favourite comic. And not everyone knows about him! You just made my day. 😉

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