Late night cheese.

I wonder what it feels like for my daughter to be in the arms of a man who loves her the way that man loves her.
Does she have any idea how deeply her father loves her? Does she know that she’s the one responsible for the never ending smile on his face? Can she feel the love and care in the large, strong, aged hands that hold her ever so close?
Perhaps she has no clue just yet. But I do. I know. I feel the love. I see the smile. I understand how deeply he cares. And it touches me. It makes me weep. It makes me proud and confident because I have no doubts that little girl is going to be a secure, loving, strong woman because of the man who holds her close.
She will never want for anything. . Love will never be in short supply, but will overflow in every aspect of her life. When she falls, he will be there in an instant to pick her up, wipe away the tears and help her to stand on her own again.
When I look at that picture, tears fill my eyes and yet, at the same time, pride feels my heart because I realize that I am blessed beyond measure, for my little girl has her daddy’s heart in the palm of her hand and what a beautiful heart it is, what a precious little hand that holds it and how lucky they both are.

13 thoughts on “Late night cheese.

  1. jenny lee

    YOU TOTALLY MADE ME CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh!!! i don’t cry….you don’t understand…I DON’T CRY. totally bawling here. BAWLING! might have to type in caps cuz i can’t see the screen.

  2. Jenn

    I have the same feelings and thoughts with my husband and daughter. I wish every child could grow up with that kind of love. They are very lucky little girls.

  3. Vickie

    Same here with a similar pic — hubs on a hammock fast asleep with my 2-yaer old daughter lying on his stomach.
    Course, when she turned into a teenager, all hell broke loose 🙂

  4. Mellissa

    That’s how I used to feel about my Dad. He died when I was 17. How I long for the days when he would hold me in his arms and make everything alright.

  5. Sandee

    You either make me laugh hysterically or make me weep from hapiness …. they are indeed lucky & so are you! Thanks Y! *hugs* Glad Babby is okay after her breathing scare.

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