Love cheese

Sigh. My girl. She is so incredibly beautiful. So genuinely happy. So warm and affectionate. So absolutely perfect.
I feel overwhelmed by her presence.
I hold in my arms this perfectly amazing little girl. She reaches up, puts my face in her hands, looks into my eyes and smiles. Then, she’ll kiss me sweetly and say, in her tender little voice, “I yaya (I love you)”. At that moment, I feel humbled, I feel grateful, I feel so incredibly lucky to be her mother and I have to ask myself “Why was God so kind to me?”
cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese.
There are moments where I just want to BITE HER ALL OVER because she’s just that cute and I love her that much. Instead, I’ll take her little hand in mine, kiss it and say “One day I hope you can understand the depths of my love for you little girl.”
And then I bite her just a little bit because if I don’t? I’ll go crazy.
I made up a little song for her and I sing it to her everytime I hold her. As I begin to sing it, her big, brown eyes light up and she’ll start clapping. She’ll giggle a little, then, she’ll begin hum along while smiling at me through the entire song. As I watch how happy that silly little song makes her, I feel so proud. You people would laugh if you heard the song, it’s, well, silly, but SHE LOVES IT. My daughter thinks it’s great and that? I can’t even explain how great it feels.
The name of this blog says it all Unexpected Joy. That’s what she is, my Unexpected Joy. Or, as Ben likes to say “The Joy of Unexpected Cheese” because, MAN, that girl “made me go soft”. Thank God she farts like a grown man because that really helps balance this whole “Cheese” business out.
Balance is good.
(p.s. Speaking of Her Farts..the girl has learned how to “Fart on Command”. Seriously, I say “FART, GABBY! and she grunts, turns red and “pfffffffft” she goes. Awesome)

23 thoughts on “Love cheese

  1. D

    I would eat her up to if she was mine! She is totally gorgeous!!
    I’m not sure what I think/feel about the tooting though (I can’t even say/type the F word). I have convinced the men in my house that girls don’t do that. And, I beg them not to include me in theirs!

  2. Chuck

    I think it is a Mexican thing, but our bundle of joy has the same look in some pics, like she is cross eyed. I actually took her to the eye dr and had it checked out and it is just an illusion. But I think it is Mexican thing.hehe

  3. Y

    CHUCK! Dude, I’ve never thought my daughter looked crosseyed. EVER. Thanks for pointing that out, man.

  4. clickmom

    Save a bite for me. G has won over this mom.
    As a mother of three boys, a girl who can fart on command would fit in perfectly over here. She’s my kind of lady.

  5. Kristina

    Awwww she looks so cute, and look at all that pretty hair. She has pretty skin too, but you know what she looks like her mommy a lot. Yvonne has pretty hair and skin, when I met her in person I remember thinking “She looks exactly the same from her blog, only thing is her voice was a little different than I had imagined it might be. She has a real soft sort of cali girl voice. Either way, it was nice to meet Yvonne.
    She’s really pretty Y!!!!!! Oh and Megan is the same way in reference to farting! 🙂 Sometimes she is worse than her brother.

  6. Donna

    I am 45 years old, had my tubes tied 9 years ago, and my youngest child is 20. The pictures of your daughter make me wish I could have another one tomorrow. She is soooo adorable.

  7. dana michelle

    I never cease to be amazed at the neverending supply of precious pictures of Ms. Cheese. Seriously, does she EVER take a bad picture? She’s even precious when she’s crying!
    Sometimes I think she’s a *real* true angel-baby.

  8. Martie

    when I opened your blog my 3 yr old son said “Look at that pretty baby butterfly (talking about her angel pic)!” She is adorable!

  9. ishouldbeworking

    Awww…too cute for words! I made up a song that I used to sing with my daughter when she was about G’s age – “Hugs & squeezes, I love you to pieces” and would hug & rock her while singing that. Fast forward to now, she’s 11, and once in a while she will come up & hug me and sing the words a couple times and it brings tears to my eyes. cheese cheese cheese cheese

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