Things that give me gray hairs, for $50 please

I’m just about ready to take the kids to go shopping for school clothes.
I’m looking forward to it because shopping with my boys is always GREAT FUN! I can’t wait to see how much greater it’s going to be with a sick, cranky, ‘roid raging baby thrown into the mix!
I imagine now that they’re older and not as spastic as they used to be, it shouldn’t be as stressful as it used to be. I mean, I’m sure they’ll fight and argue with me about how “they aint getting that shirt because it’s STUPID” and “Why don’t I let them make their OWN decisions” and “OVERALLS ARE FOR BABIES, MOM!” But, I can’t imagine there will be any kissing of the plastic vaginas.

8 thoughts on “Things that give me gray hairs, for $50 please

  1. NinaKaye

    Last Friday we went shopping for clothes with the 6 year old. I made sure the 3 year old was at my mother’s! I swear I wanted to kill both my husband and son within the first 5 minutes. If I hadn’t needed the kid to try on shoes, I wouldn’t have even taken him. Luckily, he’s not too picky…as long as he’s not naked he’s fine. The husband was up my ass the entire time because apparently “stand right there and wait” means “stay right behind me so I step on you when I walk!” Meanwhile, the kid is sliding around like he’s on ice skates and performing for all the other people in the store.

  2. Katie

    I totally cheated, I sent my mother-in-law out with $200 and a list of the kids’ sizes. She loves that kinda stuff and has the patience to deal with clearance racks.

  3. Michelle

    Not to make anyone jealous, but we are DONE with our school clothes shopping!! And I only wanted to smack my 14 yr old once (okay maybe once every 5 minutes!!). He used to not care what was on his body either, but this is our first year of high school, and we had to look jusssst right. Even though he was not sure what that exactly was, anything I suggested was definitly not right. But luckily it is all over and he is already back to school.

  4. Tammy/averagemom

    I went back and read the post regarding plastic vaginas. You should know, thanks to you I’m terrified of my son. He’s going to learn to talk, and laugh at his own farts, and do things like that and I will die. Die. I thought teaching the kids that public is not the place to say “Mummy, you got pretty nipples” was embarrassing. I bet teaching them not to be kissing plastic vaginas is worse!

  5. FlippyO

    The kissing of the plastic vaginas – jumped to being one of my all-time favorite kid stories. I relay stories really really poorly, but even Leigh-Ann laughed when I told her the story. I think it may make me laugh forever and ever. I’m gonna call my mom and tell her the story tomorrow!

  6. D

    Get ready for the fun arguement about how big and baggy the pants can be! If any of my three son’s pants don’t show their boxers and practically fall off if they suck in their gut, then they are “way too tight.”
    Oh yeah, and the style now is for the jeans to have holes in them. Sooo, at Abercrombie (rip-off!) I had to stand their looking at these jeans my son had on that had HOLES IN THEM and cost $50! I COULD HAVE BOUGHT THEM AT A GARAGE SALE. But no – then they wouldn’t have been from Abercrombie….I bought them, so shoot me.

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