See? Not a scam.

I want to thank everyone who has offered to help Stacey. I noticed that almost everything has been purchased off of her baby registry. You guys are awesome. If you had written asking for her address and I didn’t respond? I was NOT ignoring you…Please know it was just an oversight (as I was OVERWHELMED with emails regarding helping, which is so awesome.)
I just recieved an email from a reader whom I put in contact with Stacey. She was able to meet her last night and spend some time talking with Stacey (and her brother, who is living with her). Something I did NOT know? She was at the superdome. Ugh. If you’re interested, click on the extended entry to read the email.
Again, thank you for your help and generousity.

I saw Stacey last night J I am so glad that I made the trip out to her house. I can rest better knowing that she is doing ok. Her brother evacuated with her and the kids and is helping her out. He is going to take care of her kids while she is at the hospital having the baby. They are such a neat family. They are very grateful for everything that people are doing for them. They can’t believe how nice everyone is being. Back home when people are nice, it means they are up to no good which explains why Stacey has been so hesitant when we have talked to her on the phone.
All that they left with was a few outfits for the kids and her photo album. The clothes that they did leave with ended up mildewing in the process of moving from the Super Dome to the shelter. I found out the reason they didn’t leave right away was because they had been though hurricanes before and they didn’t think the water would get that high. (It probably wouldn’t have gotten that high if the levee hadn’t broken). The brother has nothing. He left everything behind to help his sister and her children. He is so nice and polite. I am happy he is there for her.
They have a lady working with them right now that has been helping them get everything they need for their apartment. I think Stacey called her Miss Betty. I asked them if there was anything that they needed and she explained that the apartment complex they are living in is helping them out. The leasing office had them make a list of all the things they needed. Stacey said Miss Betty made sure that they put down everything that they needed not just the things they need right now. I had to keep asking what the needed, so finally I asked them if there is anything they wanted. I could tell that they didn’t want to ask for anything. They are so grateful for what they have been given and for the things that have been promised. I did get them to admit that they are worried about supplies when the baby arrives. They know that they are going to go through a lot of pampers and formula. I asked them what they missed the most about home. Stacey said that she missed her scented candles and her brother missed the incense. It was so neat to see how lively they became when they talked about the candles and incense. From what I understand, the candles they had at home had much stronger scents than the ones you can get here. She said even the incense back home smells different than the stuff we have here.
For the reader who inquired about her cell phone. Her cell phone is her brothers. Sprint has given them free minutes until September 23.
Your readers can rest at ease that this isn’t a scam. For the people who have already donated, she is truly grateful. For me, the best part is the biggest hugs from her daughters gave me.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to help Stacey and her family.