(Photo courtesy of Fox News)
How can I complain about anything right now? I feel so grateful for EVERYTHING I have right now.
For the water bottle I’m sipping out of. For the diapers neatly stacked in my daughters bedroom. For the electricity. For the breeze blowing through my bedroom window. For the gas in the tank of my van. For the clean clothes piled on my bed. For the toothpaste sitting on top of my bathroom counter. For the toilet paper. For the toilet. For sound of laughter coming from down the hall as my son watches cartoons. For the shoes on my feet. For the food in my cabinets. For the phone I can call friends with. For the blankets I can gently place on my children at night when I tuck them in. For this old, ugly house that I spend much time hating, but that today I love dearly.
My heart is broken. I feel sick and insignificant. As I watch the videos of people desperate for help, I sob because all I can do is watch. It’s horrible. HORRIBLE.