Because I’ve been so wrapped up in my own, um, numbness? I completely forgot to post an email I recieved from a reader I had put in contact with Stacey. The email was dated September 30 (Selfish ASS, I am).


I talked to Stacey last night. She called to let me know that she had her baby on Wednesday. She had been told that she was having a girl so she was very surprised when out “popped” a little boy. She named him Kyle Lewis. She is doing much better; she was having problems with her blood pressure being too high. The doctors have been giving here medication to keep the pressure down but it causes her to feel extremely drugged. She hopes to be released on Saturday.
She let me know that she has received lots of candles thanks to your website, and she is very grateful. The UPS man now knows her by name and even commented on how much we must love her.
I’ll update you again after I go visit her. She is going to call me once she is home. My daughter and I are so excited about getting to love up on the new baby. I am going to put together an all boy gift basket to take with us. It has been 8 years since I had a newborn, Is there anything you can think of that would be perfect for the basket (you have 2 boys, I have none J). Is there anything that you couldn’t live with out after you had Gabby?

I really wanted to thank each and every one of you for being so generous and TOTALLY AWESOME in helping her out. I will call her tomorrow to get another update.