Baby Drama

When pretty butterflies get pissed.
That girl, she’s such a dramaqueen. It’s hilarious, and at the same time, NOT hilarious. I wanted to get a few pictures of her in her beautiful costume and by the 3rd photo, she was shaking her finger at me, throwing herself back, trying to rip the flowers off of her head, whilst screaming and crying. I tried EVERYTHING I could think of to make her stop crying and smile for mama, but, she was not having it.
Tony’s favorite thing to say is “I WONDER where she gets it from!?”
My favorite response is “from yo’ mama.” Because being mature is the only way I know how to be.
Just think of the fun I will be having on halloween night, people!
I can hardly wait.

33 thoughts on “Baby Drama

  1. clickmom

    It is her two little bottom teeth that just make this most perfect picture. I laugh when I think how you’ll be able to torture this one with the photos when she is older.
    Bwah hahaha

  2. Jessica

    Cuteness. Too. Powerful. Overwhelmed. By. The. Cute.
    Seriously, what an adorable little butterfly.

  3. Mary

    omigod where did you get that costume???
    I think she should have been a mouse though…

  4. Heatherg

    Really Y-
    She is just a precious little thing.
    How could you not love her to peices.
    You truly do have beautiful children.
    God bless all ya’ll!!

  5. Tanya

    She looks so much like Andrew in that picture. You know, except the frilly pink stuff. That’s the first one I’ve seen where she really looks like either of your boys.
    That’s an amazing costume!! She looks just adorable.

  6. Mieke

    First picture GORGEOUS!
    Second picture FUCKING HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud at that and then even harder when I clicked on it to enlarge.

  7. Hed

    That has got to be the CUTEST costume I’ve ever seen. I’m really glad my daughter isn’t in here with me right now, because gah! SO CUTE! GOOD GAAAAD! And she would be pining for it, even though she has the perfect Princess Aurora Costume. Wouldn’t be enough after seeing Gabby’s Butterfly!
    Happy Halloween!

  8. Jessica

    i just have to say that the butterfly costume is the most beautiful costume i have ever seen!! and the pics of gabby are priceless, ha ha ha ha ha!

  9. Beth

    Cutest butterfly ever! And if your daughter is anything like my son was, maybe try in the morning after she’s eaten? Late in the day never worked for us, mood-wise. Good luck and happy trick-or-treating! That toothy grin alone oughta score you buckets of candy. 🙂

  10. Lucky

    Wow woman, are we ever on the same channel at times!
    I’m using my oldest daughters fairy wings from last year to make Claire into a butterfly this year! LOL!

  11. stephanie

    If you are taking Gabby trick-or-treating, you better bring about 7 pillowcases, b/c that girl is going to charm her way into getting handfuls of candy at each house. Or maybe pull a drama queen crying act to get more. Either way, what personality! I love it!
    Great pics, as usual!

  12. Sentimental (Shannon)

    She is just too precious! Ticked off but adorable!
    I am delurking as a reader for the last four months. I love hearing all about you, your kiddos and your weight loss. You are one beautiful momma.

  13. Natalie

    Dude, when I was that age, my mom never woulda gotten me dressed up all cute like that. I used to rip out chunks of hair trying to get barettes off my head.
    Not much changes–I mean, except now, like, I know how to undo the barettes so I don’t have bald patches or anything…
    But oh my goodness, even when she’s being a drama queen, she’s so freaking cute, I can’t stand it. I’m sure she loves the fact that everyone laughs their ass off when she’s pissed, too…

  14. Nicole

    Gabby makes that outfit look so cute! Ry actually has the same one but I haven’t put it on her yet, hope she looks as cute as Gabby! Love her drama queen act

  15. Mommygoth

    LOL – my little stinker did the same thing this morning in her Batgirl costume. Also, I’ve never seen Batgirl suck her thumb in any of the comics, so I’m not sure we really captured the essense.
    Have fun tonight!

  16. Macca

    “This is what it sounds like, when butterflies cry Doo doo do doo. doot doo doo doo heeeeee heeeeee!!!”
    Ok, that’s my Prince impression. Pretty sad, no?
    Have a happy Halloween!

  17. Sarah

    Where oh where has Yvonne gone? oh where oh where can she be? With her pretty hair and her cute daughter oh where oh where could she be?

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