Crispy Fish and adult conversation…. Just what my dreams are made of

Yesterday, I met Amy and her baby girl, Vivian , for lunch.
Man, was it great to get out of the house and have some adult conversation.
And some fish tacos.
One would think I’d have behaved and “acted” like a member of Weight Watchers, but, I lose all control with the fish tacos. (HA! HA! HAA!) Creamy white sauce and crispy fish, a greater combination does not exist. So, I had THREE. That’s right. I ate up all of my points for the day right there in front of a blogger who could have totally wrote bad things about what a pig I am on the internet. And if it wasn’t bad enough that I ate THREE fish tacos, I also tried to get Gabby to do her “fart on command” trick at the table while eating those three fish tacos AND I totally picked up my straw from the ground and used it because I’M GROWN I CAN DO WHAT I WANT.
It seriously blows my mind that people aren’t lined up to hang out with me.
You notice how I started out talking about meeting Amy for lunch, but then I end up talking about MYSELF for the next 20 minutes? That’s pretty much what I did the entire lunch. Talked and talked and talked about myself and my kids. That’s a really bad habit that I have that I SWEAR TO GOD I’m not going to do everytime I meet someone new, but, once I get around another adult, I’m overcome with excitement and I’m like “blahblahblahMEblahGabbyBLAHFARTGABBY!blahblahblah) I was SO mad at myself the entire way home. Why can’t I shutup for five seconds and let the other person talk?
I blame Bush.
I discovered something very profound about my daughter while watching her with Vivian. She acts JUST LIKE ME. She, like myself, has this obsessive need to hug and touch people.

She’s all “awwww, look, a baby! I must pet the baby. I must let the baby know I love her and how pretty she is. Pretty baby.”

“Why is the pretty baby not letting me pet her? Why is she walking away? Does she not know that I am the center of the universe and that I am the Princess of Everything and I want to pet her and hug her?”

“I want to hug the baby. I WILL hug the baby.”

Mission accomplished.
It’s kind of scary how similar we are, scary but yet, in those photos? So very cute. Poor Vivian. She’s such a gentle, sweet little girl, and seemed completely overwhelmed by my little ham, but that didn’t stop my daughter from gettin’ all up in her PREFACE. (inside joke that isn’t really funny to anyone but me and Joelle, so, I really should stop saying it here, but I can’t because it is hilarious to me)
Meeting Amy reminded me of why I love “blogging”. I love the connection I make with people whom I never would have met were it not for The Internet. Incredible, kind, passionate, beautiful women. I know people who don’t blog do not understand it, and that’s fine, I can accept that not everyone will ‘get it’. As I drove away from our lunch, I felt so lucky to have this outlet in which I can express myself and, in the process, meet the most amazing, beautiful people.

24 thoughts on “Crispy Fish and adult conversation…. Just what my dreams are made of

  1. Joelle

    Dude. It IS funny. And mike actually said it today… like, almost seriously. We’ll start a trend. lol.
    And can I just say I want to SQUISH BABIES SO MUCH lately. wtf? These photos are SO adorable. I’m glad you guys had a good time!
    By the way, this reminds me, as soon as I come up for air, we totally need to go have a girls afternoon, complete with pedis. And I don’t give a rat’s ass how “fucked up” your feet are.
    Love you.

  2. JustLinda

    Are those two the cutest little bitties or what? Look at those pigtails! Ahhh… so cute (we are on the verge of being able to do pigtails… can’t wait!).
    You always make me laugh…

  3. Amy

    I loved our lunch! And all you have to do is go read my post on the subject, and then yours, to know that it is a very good thing that you talked so much because god knows if you leave that up to me nothing gets said. And definitely no one laughs! You and Gabby are beautiful and funny and I can’t wait to do it again.

  4. mrs darling

    Oh my goodness. Those are just the cutest pics. It’s too funny how Gabby is determined to get her hug! I know just what you mean about gabbing all the time about myself. I cant tell you how many times I leave from somewhere and give myself this huge bawling out for not just keeping my mouth shut! You’re not in this alone!

  5. Ms. Q

    Um, Y, there is a line of bloggers waiting to meet you. It starts here. *points to where I am sitting*
    I work and study and go to school like a mofo, but I think I might have some random day off in the not too distant future where we can go get fish tacos and I can listen to you talk. Because, I am like really, really shy and I don’t say much. Plus, I am a big old dork. And I don’t mean dork like in a cool, hip, kind of way. I mean D.O.R.K. But, I really want to squeeze Gabi until she squeals and looks at you like “save me from the crazy dorky lady, mommy!”.

  6. Elizabeth

    Those are such cute pictures! I love your blog!
    I think my kids sometimes act like me too, and then I’m embarrassed, because I’m obviously the one they got it from. At least they haven’t started swearing yet!

  7. Z

    I blame Bush for everything too…it’s only fitting that you should too 🙂
    I love love love those pictures 🙂 Your little girl will be the cruise director when she gets to preschool 🙂

  8. Sarcastic Journalist

    When are you going to meet ME for lunch? We’ve already decided, we’ll put the two girls together and watch them fight it out. It’ll be so much fun.
    And haha, you said “fish taco.”

  9. tj

    Ok, first off – fish tacos are the best! Especially mexican ones with a little cilantro and a Corona to go with. 🙂
    Second, I hear ya on the whole, ‘once you’re let out of the cage you can’t shut up thing!’ I telecommute and can go months without much interaction, but when I do… oh dear!
    Love your blog!

  10. Y

    Colleen, yes, really. They are not just “good” they are GREAT AND FABULOUS.
    If you have a Rubios near you, get thee to it and order one (or THREE) and tell me you do not LOVE THEM.

  11. stephanie

    ohhh… can’t take it… too, too cute… crushed from the cuteness.
    Seriously, those are some beautiful pics, and quite a beautiful little girl you have there.

  12. Itchy

    Love the pictures…and love the hugs. I’m from a family of huggers. My little niece is already a hugger, and she’s only 17 months old. She’ll stop what she’s doing to walk over and give hugs to people without them asking. Sweet. Seeing her and your little girl makes me want one. Oh crap…did I really just say that?

  13. kim

    is maurice a spam-comment? damn, those people are getting good…
    and stop always overanalysing if you’ve been pretty enough, funny enough, too talkative or not talkative enough, too much fart-gabby-talk or not enough blahblahblah. tons of people [including me btw] LOVE you including ALL OF IT and there IS a line of bloggers who’d love to meet you in person and hear you talk [including me btw] so stop it! 🙂
    oh ja, what about your docs-appointment and how you doin’ healthwise anyway?

  14. Mommygoth

    Ah, fish tacos, regalos del Dios. I’m Amy’s college roommate, and I know she’s been jonesing for a little adult company during the day – glad y’all had such a good time. And your kid – seriously guapa!

  15. Firebrand

    I do NOT get fish tacos. Last time I was in San Diego, I saw these on a menu and I was all, “Ewwwwwwww!” Perhaps I should try it sometime because everyone now says that they’re de-lice!

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